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I love when I find a new app that pays for purchases I already plan to make. If you are 21+ and purchase alcohol, BevRAGE is an amazing new app available on Google Play or the App Store that pays you to buy booze!

bevrage app

Simply purchase any of the beer, wine, mixers or liquor offers, snap a pic of the receipt and you will receive a Paypal deposit in a few days. Some offers are for specific brands, but there are many any brand offers. You can redeem offers at any retail store and even bars and restaurants.

Plus, you can still combine it with savings from other apps, like Ibotta. For retail store offers, there is NO limit to how many offers you can redeem at one time, but quantities are limited and limited to 1 of each type of offer per person. For bar and restaurant offers, you can redeem two offers per 24 hour period.


I just downloaded this app and already earned $3.00. I love that this app automatically deposits the money into a Paypal account within 48 hours and you don’t have to wait until you reach a threshold. Ready to start saving? Download the NEW BevRAGE app now!


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