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Did you know Amazon has a trade-in program for your gently used or new phones, video games, books, TVs, movies, cameras, music, wearable tech and more electronics? It’s simple to do and can be lucrative if you have hot items.

Do you have school textbooks, video games or movies you no longer use? Turn those items into Amazon gift cards in just a few minutes!

I did a massive declutter a few years ago and decided to check the items on Amazon trade-in. Turns out my ‘junk’ was worth over $100 in trade-in value. I packaged them up and sent them out and earned some Amazon credit in less than an hour. My mother decluttered about the same time and she had over $300 worth of trade-ins! Definitely worth checking into if you have electronics and books  you no longer use.

How Amazon Trade-in Works

1. Search Amazon Trade-in to see if your items are eligible for trade-in

2. Select condition of item

3. When you are done submitting all your trade-ins, print a FREE shipping label

4. Package all your items with the printable trade-in slip and shipping label and drop off at USPS or UPS (you choose during process) within 7 days

5. Receive Amazon.com credit deposited directly into your account within 10 days of shipping

Amazon’s trade-in is very easy to use and you get credit quickly for your items. Bonus, if you purchased the item on Amazon, you can instantly see if it’s currently available for their trade-in program. Start the trade-in process now on Amazon.com.

Have you used Amazon’s trade-in program?

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