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Do you struggle with meal planning? Maybe you make it work for a week and then the meal plan falls apart. Maybe you don't have the time to make the meals you planned or you forget ingredients on your weekly shopping. Or, possibly you just don't feel like eating the meals you planned that week. Whatever your struggle, there are simple hacks for getting dinner on the table every night effortlessly and making meal plans work for your family. Read More...


Before I created a printable shopping list, I simply used a blank notebook page to make up my grocery lists.  I found that notebook paper lists were not very organized and I often missed essential things on my list. About six years ago, I created a shopping list specifically for couponing and ad matching to Continue Reading...

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10 Museums to Visit in Nebraska This Summer!


Known as the Cornhusker State, Nebraska sometimes gets a bad rap. People sometimes think of it as one of those "boring plains states". They assume that the people there just spend a lot of time watching the grass grow. When they aren't dodging tornadoes, that is.

But people who actually live in Nebraska know how special it is. They know the beauty of the Platte River. Their hearts fill with joy when they see Goldenrods blooming. And they know that there are many places to go for recreational fun, all across the state, including many museums to see in Nebraska.

Nebraska has an abundance of natural beauty. There are many beautiful places for outdoor activities. But when the summer heat gets to be too much, escape indoors to one of these wonderful museums. Whether you love art, classic cars, baseball, or simply want to find a fun place to take the kids, here are 10 museums to see in Nebraska this summer! Read More...


Simple and Satisfying Side Dishes!


I love it when I have almost unlimited time to make dinner.  I can take my time, not rush and have all the ingredients for everything I ever wanted on hand.  Just kidding - I don't have many days like that.  I have days where I'm just happy that dinner isn't cereal or popcorn.  My Continue Reading...