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5 Easy Ways to Save $100 or More This Month

Do you need to trim your budget this month? With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, finances can be tight this season. Here are 5 simple ideas that can save $100 or more from your budget this month. 1. Eat from your pantry Most of us have food we bought with good intentions that Continue Reading...


Fun and Friendly DIY Animal Masks & Costumes!

Annual free candy day is coming to a town near you soon. Are your kids prepared? You can create amazing and budget friendly DIY animal costumes with these 15 tutorials. I have three kids who anxiously await this magical day of the year, but I dread spending $30+ for each of their new costumes. I Continue Reading...


Have you heard the news? Omaha Children's Museum has a new exhibit and it's amazing. Forever Forest is now open to the public and runs through April 15, 2018. This is their first traveling exhibit, which means portions of this exhibit designed by Omaha will be on display at other national children's museums. How cool is that?

The Forever Forest exhibit includes a fun treehouse with a slide, giant logs kids can climb, a playhouse, a campsite and a train. Kids can fish in an interactive display and even watch live termites under the microscope.

Throughout the exhibit, kids learn more about our natural resources, including sustainability, selective harvesting and every-day products we use that are made from trees. Read More and enter to win a family admission pass...