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Top Books for Middle Schoolers!


Disclosure: Contains affiliate link. All opinions are mine. Middle school can be a tough time to find things your child really loves to read (or at least admit to loving). These books will be on your child's wish list this school year and beyond. They'll love the engaging storylines, and you'll love the life lessons Continue Reading...


Whether your teen is entering college or the work world, they need to be armed with knowledge in life after high school. Throughout their secondary school days, students read a variety of compelling books. Some of the top books every high schooler should read before graduation are part of that curriculum, but there are others that just have good life lessons, no book report needed. Read More...


Best Books for Grades K-2


Emergent readers need text that's engaging and fun. Introducing younger readers to nonfiction, finding series books, and continuing to read aloud to your kids can help them really enjoy reading. Here are some of the best books for grades K-2.

The following books are great read alouds with adults or fantastic for emergent readers to begin to read on their own. It's important to note that students at the kindergarten through second grade levels are reading at different rates. Some texts may be more challenging than others for some students, but all of the subject matters are appropriate for five through eight year olds. Read More...


Reading is such an important part of a child's development. Many experts agree that you can never start reading too early. In fact, doctors say that talking to or reading to a baby while in the womb gives them a strong foundation for developing language skills. Once baby arrives, you'll want to share fun, engaging stories with them. Reading to your newborn as part of a bedtime routine is not only a bonding time for parent and baby, but it's also a great way to start instilling reading skills in your child. With so many amazing books for babies, it may be hard to narrow down which ones to start with. These are the top books to read during baby's first year. Read More...


Do you want to encourage your kids to read more? Reading is a skill that needs developed and practice does make perfect. With any new skill, the more you do it, the better you become. It's easy to make your child a reader! I am a huge bibliophile and read at least 1-2 books every Continue Reading...


I became a stay-at-home mom over a decade ago after spending most of my 20's in the military. Talk about a major change! I thought staying home with a new baby would be a piece of cake after 7 years in the military. I was so wrong.

I had no idea I'd be so tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. Homemaking is filled with mundane tasks that never end, but here’s the thing: do you want to spend more time overwhelmed by things you don’t enjoy? I know I didn't! I discovered the Ultimate Homemaking bundles many years ago and am always excited when they release a new one with all new resources. The resources have made me better at homemaking (and even helped me learn to love it)!

Through the courses and ebooks, I've learned ways to be more frugal, manage my time better, clean more efficiently, cook up wholesome meals, rekindle the romance in my marriage and finally, put self-care back in my life.

Too often, moms think about themselves last and we really need to take better care of ourselves, so we can be the best mom and wife possible! The Ultimate Homemaking bundle is the first step to do something FOR YOU! Read More...


If you feel like you are constantly on the go and always have more to do, but really want to slow down, you NEED to read Crystal’s Paine’s newest book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life.

Through the end of February, the Kindle version of ‘Say Goodbye to Survival Mode’ is only $1.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price I’ve seen yet and it normally retails for $22.99! This book is worth every penny. I read this book a few years when it was first released and one piece of advice that really stuck with me is that if you say ‘yes’ to something, you have to say ‘no’ to something else in your life. I now analyze every opportunity and decide if it’s worth taking time from my family before I commit. Read More...