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February 2017 Monthly Menu Plan!


Love is in the air!  Well, maybe not love.  But, then again, maybe it is.  It's the month of Valentine's Day!  If that doesn't inspire good thoughts, then maybe knowing that this is the month of the Super Bowl is something you can love.  No?  Then Groundhog's Day -- is that something that you love Continue Reading...


January 2017 Monthly Menu Plan!


Happy New Year!!!!  Well, almost Happy New Year!  I pray that 2017 finds you joyful, athletic, wealthy, ecstatic, rich, merry, buff, and full of free time on your hands!  But just in case it doesn't start out that way, have you considered a menu plan that will help you save stress?  Buy only the ingredients Continue Reading...


December 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Did I just do that!?  Did I just plan a menu that has New Year's Eve on it?  Where did the year go?  What a year it's been too. I mean, sure there was the U.S. election, but that's small potatoes to other notable 2016 events like the Olympics, the separation of Brangelina, Brexit, the Continue Reading...


November 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Thanksgiving is upon us!  What are you thankful for?  I'm thankful for all the memories that are to be made this holiday season.  I'm thankful for this season of being a stay-at-home mom instead of a working-outside-the-home mom.  I'm thankful that my oldest son is doing well in pre-school.  I'm thankful our home remodel is Continue Reading...


October 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!

Menu plan for October 2016

Wanna take some bets on what the top Halloween costumes will be this year?  Last year, we got quite a few Annas and Elsas from Frozen at our house.  My favorite was the young girl dressed as Carmen Sandiego – a good throwback to my teen years.  My 4 sons will likely be animals – they’re Continue Reading...


September 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!

September 2016 Dinner Graphic

September is here!   It’s the month of football starting up.  It’s the month where families start to find their groove with school routines.  It’s the month where we all recover from Olympic Games Binge Watching. It’s the month of apples being harvested.  It’s the month of Labor Day and Elephant Appreciation Day (no kidding!). How Continue Reading...


August 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, its back to school we go! We study study study study in the school the whole day through To study study study study is what we like to do It ain’t no trick to get smart quick If you study hard with a book or a click In a school! In Continue Reading...