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November 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Thanksgiving is upon us!  What are you thankful for?  I'm thankful for all the memories that are to be made this holiday season.  I'm thankful for this season of being a stay-at-home mom instead of a working-outside-the-home mom.  I'm thankful that my oldest son is doing well in pre-school.  I'm thankful our home remodel is Continue Reading...


October 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!

Menu plan for October 2016

Wanna take some bets on what the top Halloween costumes will be this year?  Last year, we got quite a few Annas and Elsas from Frozen at our house.  My favorite was the young girl dressed as Carmen Sandiego – a good throwback to my teen years.  My 4 sons will likely be animals – they’re Continue Reading...


September 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!

September 2016 Dinner Graphic

September is here!   It’s the month of football starting up.  It’s the month where families start to find their groove with school routines.  It’s the month where we all recover from Olympic Games Binge Watching. It’s the month of apples being harvested.  It’s the month of Labor Day and Elephant Appreciation Day (no kidding!). How Continue Reading...


August 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, its back to school we go! We study study study study in the school the whole day through To study study study study is what we like to do It ain’t no trick to get smart quick If you study hard with a book or a click In a school! In Continue Reading...


July 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Are you taking full advantage of summer yet?  Grilling out?  Maybe taking a vacation?  Or even a staycation?  Hit the zoo?  The water parks?  The swimming pools?  Summer time can be fun! But it can also be exhausting, filled with hot days.  Days that make you tired.  So, do something that takes the burden off Continue Reading...


June 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


Summer’s here!  Ain’t no denying it now.  Most students are out of school and the weather is getting warm!  Although it isn’t as hot as it’s gonna get, I’ve started to transition to meals that don’t heat up the kitchen as much.  Which means things like grilling and slow cookers.  I still have some meals Continue Reading...


May 2016 Monthly Menu Plan!


School’s almost out!!!  Can you believe it?  This is the last month of school for most of the students.  That clearly starts ushering in summer!  I personally am dreaming of the produce stands – watermelon, sweet corn and home-grown tomatoes.  Bring it on!!!  I’m ready! Speaking of being ready, did you follow last month’s menu Continue Reading...