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Can you believe it’s almost summer break for the kids? We are starting to plan our family summer bucket list of fun and we always include at least one educational camp per child. My kids absolutely love attending camp with their peers and they get a much needed break from their siblings and mom. (Or, is it mom gets a much needed break?)

I sent my boys to Omaha Children's Museum camp last summer and they loved it. My middle son attended the Minecraft camp and my youngest child attended the Mini Masterpiece Camp. I appreciate that the camps are educational and pick up and drop off is very easy.

Omaha Children’s Museum camps are taught by experienced museum educators, so kids learn through exciting interactions and activities in a safe environment! Each camp is a fun theme and are for ages 2-8. Plus, if you register before April 1st, you receive a $10 discount per camp! Read More...

better than retail omaha

Are you a bargain shopper and love finding one-of-a-kind items at discounted prices? Omaha has a new shopping experience, Better Than Retail, located at 99th and J St! This store is full of unique finds at below retail prices. What you will find at Better Than Retail?

Every time you shop at Better Than Retail it’s a treasure hunt for deals with new inventory regularly. If you have a baby or small kids, this store is packed with baby gear and toys. You will also find appliances, kitchen items, electronics, furniture, office items, pet supplies, sporting and camping gear, luggage, home improvement, jewelry and much more!

Because everything is unique, you never know what bargains you will find when you shop Better Than Retail. It’s really a fun store to shop and save! Read More...