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better than retail omaha

Are you a bargain shopper and love finding one-of-a-kind items at discounted prices? Omaha has a new shopping experience, Better Than Retail, located at 99th and J St! This store is full of unique finds at below retail prices. What you will find at Better Than Retail?

Every time you shop at Better Than Retail it’s a treasure hunt for deals with new inventory regularly. If you have a baby or small kids, this store is packed with baby gear and toys. You will also find appliances, kitchen items, electronics, furniture, office items, pet supplies, sporting and camping gear, luggage, home improvement, jewelry and much more!

Because everything is unique, you never know what bargains you will find when you shop Better Than Retail. It’s really a fun store to shop and save! Read More...


Can you believe it’s almost time for Christmas shopping? Wouldn't it be nice to have some extra spending money this holiday season? Consignment is an easy way to get top dollar for your used clothing and purses and clean out your closet!

Readers often ask how consignment works and how much can you make for your gently used clothes. I met with Angie Houloose, the owner of Absolutely Her since 2011, located at 811 Tara Plaza in Papillion, and she walked me through the super simple consignment process. Continue Reading...