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Beef & Barley Stew!


Growing up in my family, the birthday kid got to pick what mom made for dinner that night.  90% of the time, all 3 of us kids always picked tacos.  My mom makes amazing tacos!  They aren't anything fancy, but maybe that's part of the appeal.  She fries the shells by hand and serves all the Continue Reading...


Celebrate Summer With These Recipes!


Summer cooking. Had me a blast. Summer cooking. Spring just couldn't last. Summer's a comin'!  Got your pool body ready?  Got your kids' activities planned out?  Nailed down any summer vacation plans? For me: My pool body looks a lot like my snow shoveling body. My kids' activities looks a lot like bike riding and Continue Reading...


Mint Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies


"We're MINT to be, you and I", he said to me.  "I've waited my whole life to meet a baker like you.  I know that together with that boxy fellow right over there, you and I will create beautiful and magical memories for all who come across our paths." He was right.  He, of course Continue Reading...


Homemade Chocolate Chip Creamsicles!


Oh summer! How I love thee! Kids outside playing. Pool is filled up. (Who cares if it's just a kiddie pool? Don't judge me.) Baseball is happening. (Course, isn't always baseball happening? I mean, they start in March and go to October...what other sport does that?!) A lot of good is to be had during summer.

One thing that is REALLY good to do in the summer is to make homemade creamsicles. (Course, it's really good any time of the year. Again, don't judge me.) Now, I don't know if there's an official definition of what goes into a creamsicle versus a popsicle. But, to my little ol' noggin, a creamsicle is ice cream based and a popsicle isn't. So that's why I'm calling these creamsicles. Whatever you call it, I love them! Read More...