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Food allergies.  Food sensitivities.  Health concerns.  There's a bunch of people in this world who have given up gluten.  Or, at least want to avoid it, whenever easy to do so.  We did a trial run of going gluten-free to see if some of us in our family was sensitive to it.  Luckily, we're not Continue Reading...


Disclosure: Contains Amazon affiliate link. All opinions are mine. I went camping in the Utah mountains this summer with my husband, his three sisters, their spouses and all seven of our children. That's 15 people to feed, which is no simple task, especially when you are cooking with a campfire. I was expecting the typical Continue Reading...


20+ Amazing Recipes with BACON!


Bacon, bacon and more bacon! What is there not to love about bacon? These 20 delicious bacon recipes get you thinking outside of the traditional bacon & eggs. Have you ever tried bacon chocolate chip cookies? Sounds crazy, but just try it. I think it's an amazing combination. How about bourbon and bacon tater tot Continue Reading...


Beef & Barley Stew!


Growing up in my family, the birthday kid got to pick what mom made for dinner that night.  90% of the time, all 3 of us kids always picked tacos.  My mom makes amazing tacos!  They aren't anything fancy, but maybe that's part of the appeal.  She fries the shells by hand and serves all the Continue Reading...


Celebrate Summer With These Recipes!


Summer cooking. Had me a blast. Summer cooking. Spring just couldn't last. Summer's a comin'!  Got your pool body ready?  Got your kids' activities planned out?  Nailed down any summer vacation plans? For me: My pool body looks a lot like my snow shoveling body. My kids' activities looks a lot like bike riding and Continue Reading...

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