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Celebrate Summer With These Recipes!


Summer cooking. Had me a blast. Summer cooking. Spring just couldn't last. Summer's a comin'!  Got your pool body ready?  Got your kids' activities planned out?  Nailed down any summer vacation plans? For me: My pool body looks a lot like my snow shoveling body. My kids' activities looks a lot like bike riding and Continue Reading...

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My kids are barbecue freaks.  The sauce, that is.  Not necessarily the style of cooking.  They don't know much about that.  No, they love the sauce.  I'm not very adventurous with the meats that I cook with, but if I'm using barbecue sauce, they'll eat it.  I have to be careful that they have chicken Continue Reading...


Recipe – Corned Beef & Cabbage

corned beef & cabbage

When Irish eyes are smiling, it means that an angel gets its wings.  Nah, that ain't true.  When Irish eyes are smiling, it means that someone clapped to keep Tinkerbell alive.  That's a lie too.  Maybe it's when Irish eyes are smiling, a clipped coupon gets doubled?  That'd be cool, but probably not right either Continue Reading...


Recipe – Easy Meatball Subs

meatball subs

Ahoy mateys!  I have a meal to share today that's not just good for marines, but for us land dwellers too.  Meatball submarine sandwiches!  You can make them at home with very little effort - even less effort than getting in your car, putting on your seatbelts, opening the garage door, turning on your car Continue Reading...

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