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Recipe – Homemade Slow Cooker Hot Cocoa


Got a bunch of thirsty and cold people just hanging around?  Maybe some sledders coming in from the cold?  Some snowman makers wanting a break?  Perhaps hosting a holiday party?   Serve them some cocoa!  As fun as that sounds for a party, it’s can be a hassle to make individual cups of coca for Continue Reading...


Recipe – Easy Sweet Slow Cooker Carrots!


One of my favorite parts of making a pot roast is the carrots. I mean, the actual roast is good, but the carrots? They’re great! And my kids love them too! That got me thinking about making carrots in the crockpot. The end result of this recipe isn’t carrots that taste like pot roast, but Continue Reading...


Recipe – Slow Cooker Green Beans (with Bacon)!


Looking for an easy way to serve veggies to your family? Maybe without heating up your kitchen? Or without taking up precious oven space for a holiday meal? Look no further! Here’s a recipe for green beans that makes a wonderful side dish for any occasion and you cook them in a crockpot. Try making Continue Reading...


I’m always looking for recipes that are ridicoulsously easy. And, yet, still get me excited about eating dinner. Well, this is one of those! It’s easy. Its chicken and a sauce. And it’s versatile. You can bake it or stir fry it. Don’t want to heat up your house? Then grill it or throw it Continue Reading...

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