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Coupons 101: Where to find coupons – Part III

There are lots of places to find coupons besides the Sunday paper and online. Here are some places to check for coupons.

1. In-store – Most grocery stores have peelies, ‘blinkies’ or tear pads with coupons next to certain products or on display. Remember, only take what you can use and leave coupons for others. Also, pay attention to the receipts handed to you at the end of the transaction. At some stores, like Walgreens, coupons will print separately after your receipt.

2. Coupon trains – In a coupon train each person sends an envelope of coupons to the person after them in the ‘train’ list. Each week I send an envelope of coupons and also receive one. I have a wish list set up and usually get an envelope full of coupons that I will actually use. I am involved in my coupon train at A Full Cup, a national online coupon community.

3. Product Sampling Sites – Do you like to try new products and share your reactions with friends? When you sample products, you also usually receive a handful of coupons to share with others. Some of my favorite word of mouth marketing sites are Kraft First Taste,Bzzagent and House Party.

4. Free Samples – Most free samples come with coupons for the product. Walmart  usually has several samples you can request. Just Free Stuff is one my favorite freebie sites to find the latest free samples.

5. Other – Sweepstakes, junk mail, customer loyalty programs, the phone book and on product packaging.

Now you know how I find many of my coupons. It took several months of ‘coupon hunting’ to fill my coupon binder and build a stash of coupons. Now I have more than I know what to do with and give them away to readers regularly.

Where else do you find coupons?

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  • Anonymous October 12, 2009, 3:57 pm

    I find coupons at websites like PromotionalCodes.com and CouponWinner.com. You can find online coupons and printable ones too!


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