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Tis’ The Season: Christmas Cards!

Fall is here and I start thinking about Christmas and the holidays. We’ve already done our holiday photo shoot, so we are ready to make our Christmas cards.

One of my favorite things is receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I always feel so loved when the cards start pouring in the mailbox. I set them up on one of counter so I can view them through the holiday season. I really need a photo card holder to display them better.

After the holidays, I save the photo cards and add them to a special Christmas Card scrapbook that I’ve made. I simply organize it by year and add the cards each holiday.  It’s so neat to flip through it and see how much my friend’s and family’s kids have grown through the years.

I was searching through Tiny Prints Christmas Cards and found a card that I love because it would be so easy to display: an ornament card. This is such a neat idea!

How do you display your Holiday Cards?

Disclosure: I received 50 holiday cards from Tiny Prints in exchange for this post. Full disclosure policy here.

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