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Frugal Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to really appreciate the loved ones in your life. It is also a holiday that can cost you a lot of money. But, it doesn’t have to be expensive to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. I’ve compiled a list of frugal gift ideas that are budget friendly and perfect for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Coupon Books 
Create a custom coupon book with coupons redeemable for what your significant other would appreciate. You can create one yourself at home or purchase a pre-made one at novelty stores or through Amazon.
If you make one yourself, some coupon ideas include 30 minute massage, no dishes for the day, breakfast in bed, homemade dinner or dessert of choice, watch movie of your choice, sleep in late (for parents or small children), bubble bath or sports game waitress (or waiter.) You know what your significant other enjoys, so think of inexpensive ideas that would be appreciated.

2. Serve a Favorite Meal 
Cook the family’s favorite meal. Everyone appreciates a home cooked meal and you don’t have to fight crowds of people or drop an entire day’s salary on one meal. Just remember to leave the dishes for the next day and simply enjoy the special evening with your family.

3. Spoil them with Dessert 

After the meal, present your loved ones with their favorite desserts. My husband and I both love sweets, so we bake for each other often. Plus, my older kids can help bake, so the yummy goodness becomes a gift from them too.

4. Write Love Notes 

Leave love notes where your loved ones will find them. Tell them how much you love them or remind them of a special moment you have had.If they take lunches, sneak one into their lunch box. Leave a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, so they will see it when they get ready. Or, leave it on the milk or any breakfast item they make in the morning. 

5. ‘How Much I Love You’ Photo Book 

I created a custom photo book for my husband one year and he loved it. The book featured pictures and captions that showed how much he means to me. I included pictures from dating, our honeymoon, wedding, holding our new babies, spending time with the kids and him just being him. The last page was ‘The 10 Reasons I Love You so Much’.

Through 2/12, My Publisher is offering five FREE mini photo books. Each book holds 20 photos and you only pay shipping costs. I only paid shipping costs for the book I made my husband and it is priceless.

6. Spend Time Together 

Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts, but also spending quality time with your significant other. Spending time together does not have to cost lots of money. There are many things you can do at home on a budget; rent a movie from Redbox, crank the music and dance the night away, look through old photos of your first dates or wedding, play video games at home (Wii Super Mario Bros is our favorite), play a board game, cook a meal together, visit a museum or just enjoy each other’s company. 

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, I hope you this helps you find some low-cost alternatives to the traditional flowers, chocolate and expensive dinner. It truly is the thought that counts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Julie @ The Spirit of Saving February 8, 2013, 1:51 pm

    I love your idea of a “How Much I Love You” Photo Book – we have always made one of the family at the end of each year, but making one just for my husband would be really fun. Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop!

  • Nikky @ Chicks Dig Deals February 8, 2013, 2:29 pm

    I love the photo book idea. There are always great deals on them too which is awesome!

  • Kim Reiner February 8, 2013, 8:08 pm

    I’m a sucker for photobooks – it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift!

  • Stephanie Sheehan January 30, 2014, 4:26 pm

    I love making photo books! They make great gifts for anyone special in my life; I also just love crafting, and there’s so many good deals on craft supplies online!


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