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There are several new kids events at Do Space this month and the best part  – all events are free!


Tuesdays in April at 430pmJunior Makers – Go Green! series for kids aged 9-11. They will learn about renewable energy, build a wine turbine and experiment with solar power. 

Thursdays in April at 5 PM – Teen Hackers – Bot Battles series for teens 12 years and older. They will create everything from battlebots to music videos to video games with the opportunity to test drive their tech during the after school program for middle and high school students. 

Saturday, April 9 at 1pm Best Practices – Technology & Other Apps for Children 0-5 featuring UNL Extension Educator Katie Krause leading a research-based presentation regarding best practices for technology use with children five and younger.

Saturday, April 9 at 3pm – Mobile App Workshop for Kids for ages 9-11. Kids will learn how to build their own apps for iPads Saleforce’s “Trailhead” block coding program.

Saturday, April 23 at 3pm – “Create a Light-Up Superhero Mask” for kids ages 7-10. They will learn how to create mini circuits using coin batteries and conductive thread as they assemble their own superhero masks to light up the night.

All events are free. Registration is required. Learn more online at www.DOspace.org. Remember, you can stop by Do Space anytime to enjoy their amazing facility, including a room just for little ones and another for teens! 

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