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Geocaching is real-life treasure hunting that is sure to thrill the entire family. It’s super easy to do, free and very fun!

How to geocache:
1. Check out geocaching.com or the free geocaching smartphone app and register for a free account
2. Search your zip code for local geocaches (you will be amazed how many there are)
3. Enter the coordinates on your GPS or use the geocaching app on your phone
4. Follow the coordinates and clues to find the geocache (usually a small box)
5. Feel free to sign the guest book, record your find online and/or take one of the prizes and replace it
6. Replace the geocache in the exact location

My kids love ‘treasure hunting’ and as a family we explore new fun places in our local area. We’ve even geocached on vacations. My kids love that there are small treasures in the boxes that they can take and replace with something from home. And, the best part is that geocaching is free!


Have you ever geocached? What do you love most about geocaching?

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  • Brenda June 19, 2014, 2:44 am

    We are sitting at 356 finds. We have been doing it for almost 4 years. We think it is an amazing free family activity. We have been able to stop on long road trips and take a break and get one. We might find one in town when out and about. We watch for new ones. There are so many different kinds you can get (container size, terrain, accessibility, earth cache, multi step, etc.) Most of all, my 4 & 6 year old love it. They want to go on a hunt and help find them. They are so proud when I tell them a direction to go and they find it all by themselves. Of course they are just wanting to know if there is any good treasure to trade out. We have gotten many friends and family members to try it. Give it a try. There are probably some really close to your house. If you get one of the free apps you won’t be out anything for trying. I just suggest staying away from a nano type while you are a newbie…it may be a little hard. Good luck and don’t get muggled!


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