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Best Egg Substitutes for Baking

Collage image of carbonated water, eggs in basket and 3 ingredients in glass bowls

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but eggs sure have gotten pricy these days! While there’s no great substitute for eggs when you’re craving an omelet, there are lots of satisfactory substitutions when it comes to baking. I’m going to share with you several egg substitutes that I’ve tried in baked goods, and my top Read more

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Do you ever get to the end of your favorite jar of pickles and wonder what on earth to do with the leftover pickle juice? While some people out there do seem to enjoy pickle juice as a beverage, that person is not me. And while I do like to add a bit of pickle Read more

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It’s time for a quick and simple kitchen tip to help keep your home happy and healthy. Washing produce is something that I think a lot of us are a bit more concerned about these days. This method is one that I’ve been using for years and to clean dirt and germs from my fresh Read more


How to Make Hard “Boiled” Eggs in the Oven

hard boiled egg cut in half

Make hard “boiled” eggs in a muffin tin the oven in just 40 minutes. Eggs are like one of my besties in the kitchen. They are such a great protein that is super versatile and easy to whip up for a quick meal or snack. I’m pretty lazy most of the time, and while I Read more


Slow Cooker Black Beans…a Money Saving Hack

Black beans in white bowl

I take a lot of joy in finding ways to save money in the kitchen.  (Actually…..I take a lot of joy in finding ways to save money period!) So when I discovered how much cheaper it was to purchase dry black beans instead of canned, I was like “sign me up!”  They are a staple Read more

6 things i'm doing to be more organized in the kitchen text overlay kitchen sink

I am NOT a New Year’s Resolution kind of person. I mean, sure, I’ve made them a time or two in the past cause that’s just what people do. “Hope springs eternal!” and all that. But, in the last 10-15 years, I haven’t made any resolutions that I want to try to keep. But this Read more


Homemade Brown Sugar – Just 2 Ingredients!

brown sugar

Did you know you can make your OWN brown sugar with two simple ingredients? Homemade. Brown. Sugar. I mean….I’ll be real…for far too long I had no clue you could do that. Nor did I realize that those two ingredients have been sitting in my pantry ALL THIS TIME!!! Surely we’ve all felt that crushing Read more


5 Cheap (and Easy) Family Meal Ideas!

5 cheap meal ideas

Eating on a budget? You can save big on your grocery bill by following a simple meal plan with easy, yet delicious recipes. I’m sharing a sample meal plan with five cheap dinner ideas for our family of five. With leftover night, this is a full week of meals for us. Watch the video below Read more


How to Cut Watermelon Chunks FAST!

watermelon chunks

My whole family loves watermelon, but if we don’t cut it to eat, it usually just sits on the counter. I used to dread cutting a watermelon, but then came across a quick way to cut chunks and can cut an entire watermelon in minutes. It’s so easy to cut perfect watermelon chunks with this Read more

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