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Note: All deals considered stock up prices after coupon and store savings will be highlighted in red. Here is a full list of stockpile prices.

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P&G = Proctor & Gamble insert
SS = Smartsource insert
RMN = Retail Me Not insert (previously known as Redplum)
RP = RedPlum insert

omaha grocery deals and coupon matchups

Bratwurst party pack 45.6 oz $4.99
Chicken breasts, family pack, limit 4 $1.69/lb
Chicken thighs family pack $0.79/lb
Lamb leg, butterflied $5.99/lb
Asparagus 1 lb $1.99
Blackberries 6 oz $1.29
Cantaloupe $1.49 each
Multi-colored peppers 3 pack $1.79
Red grapes $0.79/lb
Benton’s honey graham crackres 14.4 oz $0.99
Clancy’s restaurant style tortilla chips 13 oz $1.69
Happy farms American cheese singles 12 oz $1.39
Nature’s nectar raspberry lemonade or limeade 52 oz $1.29
Sundae shoppe vanilla or neapolitan ice cream sandwiches 42 oz $1.99

73% lean ground beef, sold in 5 lb roll $1.69/lb
Boneless flat iron or top sirloin steaks family pack $5.77/lb
Boneless pork half loin sold in bag $1.99/lb
Heritage Farm chicken leg quarters sold in 10 lb bag $0.49/lb
Oscar mayer deli fresh lunch meat or carving board 7-9 oz $1.99
Shrimp extra large EZ peel raw 21-25 ct, sold in 2 lb bag $4.99
Hass avocados $0.50 each
Watermelon $2.97 each
Land o lakes butter 16 oz $2.77
Lay’s potat chips 5-8 oz or kettle cooked 8 oz $1.77 each when you buy 3
Pepsi, coca-cola or 7up 24 pack 12 oz cans $5.49 each when you buy 2
Pepsi, coca-cola or 7up 2 liters or Mt Dew kickstart 12-16 oz $0.99 each when you buy 5
Dillons milk, Vit D, 2%, 1% or skim, half gallon, limit 6 $0.99

Baker’s Mix & Match Sale
Buy 5 participating mix & match items, save $5 instantly at checkout. Participating deals include (Note – price listed is after discount):

Almond breeze almondmilk 64 oz $1.79
Cascadian Farm organic cereal 9.2-16 oz $1.79 $1/2 printable coupon = $1.29 each)
Crystal light on the go 7 or 10 ct $0.99
Edy’s ice cream 48 oz $2.49
Kroger freezer pops 36 ct $1.99
Kroger purified drinking water 32 pack 16.9 oz or Kroger spring water 24 pack 16.9 oz $1.99
Nabisco snak-saks 8 oz or nabisco toasted chips 7.09-8.1 oz $1.49 ($0.75/2 coupon from 5/19/19 SS or 6/23/19 SS = $1.11 each)
Pepperidge farm goldfish 6.6-8 oz $0.99
Private selection pasta 16 oz $0.99
Quaker chewy granola bars 5-8 ct $1.29
Simple truth organic tortilla chips or popcorn 4.5-9 oz $0.99
Turkey hill tea gallon $1.49
Tyson chicken 19-28.05 oz $4.99
Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars 4 ct $2.49 ($1 Ibotta offer up to 3 redemptions)

***Baker’s 2-Day Sale, Fri & Sat Only***
Black Forest gummy worms or bears 9 oz $0.99 (with Baker’s digital coupon – use up to 5x per transaction)
Farmland bacon 10-16 oz $2.99 (with Baker’s digital coupon – use up to 5x per transaction)
Kettle brand chips 6.5-8.5 oz $0.99 (with Baker’s digital coupon – use up to 5x per transaction)
Kroger cheese 8 oz $0.99 (with Baker’s digital coupon – use up to 5x per transaction)
Pace picante sauce or pace salsa 16 oz $0.99 (with Baker’s digital coupon – use up to 5x per transaction)

Baby carrots 32 oz $1.99
Braeburn, breeze or sonya apples $1.29/lb
Broccoli crowns $1.29/lb
Dole classic coleslaw mix 14 oz $1.00
Red or russet potatoes 5 lb $1.99
Malt O meal or post cereal 11-20.5 oz $1.79 each when you buy 3
Tippy toes training pants 19-26 ct $5.99
Our Family water 24 pack $2.69 ($1 Yes digital coupon = $1.69)

***Family Fare Mix & Match Sale***
Buy 3 mix & match items, save $3 instantly at checkout. Limit 3 offers per transaction. Participating deals include (Note – price listed is after discount):

Crystal farms shredded or chunk cheese 8 oz $1.59 ($0.40 Ibotta offer)
Our family cream cheese 8 oz box $0.89
Our family margarine tubs or best thing since butter 16 oz $0.89
Our Family ready to bake cookies 16-16.5 oz $1.59
Sargento deli sliced cheese 6.84-8 oz $2.59 ($1.25/2 coupon from 5/19/19 SS = $1.97 each)

***Family Fare 1-Day Sale, Friday Only***
Brew pub pizza 22.75-30.75 oz $5.00
Our family bacon 12 oz $2.50
Our Family baked beans 28 oz $1.25
Our family sliced cheese 8 oz $1.67

Boneless chuck roast $2.99/lb
Chicken drumsticks $0.99/lb
Fareway ground turkey or breakfast sausage 16 oz $2.00
Asparagus $1.88/lb
Braeburn apples $0.99/lb
Green giant prime size russet potatoes 10 lb bag $2.99
Kale $0.88 each
Organic romaine hearts 3 pack $2.99
Strawberries 1 lb $0.99
Fareway all purpose flour 5 lb bag $1.68
Fareway baking chips 10-12 oz $1.88
FAreway butter 16 oz, limit 1 $2.49 (with in-ad coupon)
Fareway cottage bread white or wheat 20 oz loaf $1.28
Fareway flour tortills 6″ 10 ct $0.99
Fareway ice cream 1.75 qt, limit 1 $1.48 (with in-ad coupon)
Fareway sugar 4 lb bag, limit 1 $1.48 (with in-ad coupon)

93% lean ground beef, value pack $3.99/lb
Chicken breasts or thighs value packs $1.69/lb
Shrimp, raw easy peel 41-50 ct, sold in 2 lb bags $4.99/lb
Apricots, nectarines or peaches $0.88/lb
Bartlett pears $0.99/lb
Bunched broccoli or cauliflower $0.99/lb
Gala apples $0.99/lb
Green beans $0.99/lb
Navel oranges $0.99/lb
Organic romaine hearts 3 pack $2.50
Red, green or black seedless grapes $0.88/lb
Tomatoes on the bine $0.99/lb
Fresh thyme large white eggs 18 ct $0.99

Buckley farms boneless skinless chicken breasts 2.5 lb, limit 1 $3.88 (with in-ad coupon)
Sea best tilapia fillets 32 oz $7.99
Split chicken breasts, drumsticks or thighs value pack $0.88/lb
Tyson chicken nuggets or patties 20.5-32 oz $4.97
Kale bunch $0.99
Kiwi $0.50 each
Peaches $0.77/lb
Breyers ice cream, gelato, delights or Klondike novelties 4-12 ct, 16-48 oz or 1.5 quart $2.50
Charmin essentials bath tissue 12 giant rolls or bounty essentials paper towels 6 big rolls, limit 2 $3.99 ($0.25 Hy-Vee digital coupon = $3.74)
Fritos, cheetos, munchies, turbos flamas or can dip 7.5-9.25 oz $1.88
Gatorade 32 oz $0.69
Kraft macaroni & cheese 5 ct 7.25 oz boxes, limit 1 $2.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Mars ice cream novelties 6 ct, limit 1 $1.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Sara lee classic wheat bread 20 oz, limit 1 $1.68 (with in-ad coupon)
That’s smart cottage cheese 24 oz, limit 1 $1.28 (with in-ad coupon)
Yoplait yogurt 4-6 oz $0.39 ($0.50/5 printable coupon or Hy-Vee digital coupon = $0.29 each)
Xtra laundry detergent 75 oz, limit 3 $1.68 (with in-ad coupon)
Hy-Vee coffee 11 oz 12 oz or 12 ct kcups $5.00 ($0.10/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee grade A large eggs 18 ct $0.99
Hy-Vee pizza crust 6.5 oz $0.33
Hy-Vee pork and beans 16 oz $0.67
Hy-Vee potato chips 9.5-10 oz $1.67 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee pretzels 10-15 oz $1.67 ($0.03/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee sugar 4 lb, limit 1 $1.48 (with in-ad coupon)
Hy-Vee tomatoes 14.5-15 oz can $0.67 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee tomato ketchup 24 oz, limit 1 $0.49 (with in-ad coupon)
Hy-Vee vegetables 14.25-15.25 oz cans $0.67 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee white bread 20 oz $0.88

***Hy-Vee 4 -Day Sale, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat Only***
Note – ALL deals are with in-ad coupon and with an addtional $30 purchase)

Grimmway farms baby carrots 1 lb, limit 1 $0.30
Hy-Vee burger or hot dog buns, limit 1 $0.30
Hy-Vee large eggs dozen, limit 1 $0.30
Powerade 32 oz, limit 2 $0.30

Boneless beef ribeye steak or rib roast value pack $7.97/lb
Bone-in pork butt roast, sold whole in bag $1.78/lb
Bone-in pork steak value pack $1.98/lb
Land o frost deli shaved meat 7.5-9 oz $1.67
Tilapia fillets 2 lb package $5.98
Best Choice russet potatoes 10 lb $3.48
Blueberries pint $0.98
Cantaloupe $0.98 each
Strawberries 2 lb $3.48
Fiora bath tissue 12 double rolls or 6 giant paper towels $3.98
Freschetta pizza 20.77-30.09 oz $3.88
Kellog’s cereal, froot loops, frosted flakes or rice krispies 10.1-13.5 oz $2.00 ($1/3 coupon from 6/16/19 RMN = $1.67 each)
Land o lakes orange juice gallon $2.98
Old orchard apple blends 64 oz $0.98
Trumoo chocolate milk gallon $2.98
Van camp’s pork and beans 15 oz can $0.50
Xtra laundry detergent 175 oz $4.48

***Super Saver 3-Day Sale, Fri, Sat, Sun Only***
Best choice boneless skinless chicken breasts 3 lb bag $3.98
Best Choice large eggs dozen, limit 5 $0.58
Dole shredded lettuce 16 oz or garden salad 24 oz $1.50
Kretschmar Virginia smoked or honey ham $3.98/lb
Super Saver white sandwich bread 24 oz $0.87

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omaha deal

Comprehensive list of Omaha area grocery deals & coupon matchups. Stock up items are highlighted in red. Includes Aldi, Baker's, Family Fare, Fareway, Hy-Vee, Super Saver & Fresh Thyme. See full list of deals now


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