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apple cake plated with apple

Fall is truly my favorite season. All the leaves changing colors and crunching under your feet. Those crisp breezes, paired with thick sweaters and warm boots. Visiting the pumpkin patch and apple orchards. And what better way to savor those hand-picked apples than with a delicious, still warm from the oven slice of homemade apple Read more


Easy Homemade Basil Chicken Alfredo Recipe

This easy basil chicken alfredo recipe saves dinner in a pinch. Made with kitchen staples and completely homemade (without all the work), it’s a great go-to recipe for busy weeknights. Let me set the scene: It’s 4:30 on a weekday afternoon. I have dismally failed to meal plan for the week, and as the kids Read more


17 Amazing Air Fryer Appetizers

17 air fryer appetizers

Enjoy your favorite appetizers in a healthier version with your air fryer. Serve your guests or your just your family any of these easy 17 air fryer recipes, including chicken wings, ‘fried’ dill pickles, balsamic bacon brussels sprouts, cheese balls, plaintains, and more delicious appetizers. An air fryer uses up to 75% less oil than frying Read more

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I love me some chicken enchiladas!  I have a white sauce version, which we love.  It’s a cream-based sauce, taking advantage of the ease of Cream of Chicken soup.  But I also love a red-based sauce.  Especially since I mastered my own enchilada sauce.  You don’t HAVE to use a homemade sauce, but you can.  Read more


Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Recipe

It all began one fateful day, when I had a surplus of soon to be overripe bananas and a hankering for a delicious bowl of rich and creamy ice cream. That was the moment that this amazingly healthy chocolate banana ice cream was born. Yes, that’s right. HEALTHY. ICE CREAM. I totally just put those Read more


Healthy Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

chocolate chip banana oatmeal muffin on white plate

Whip up a batch of banana oatmeal breakfast muffins and have healthy breakfast ready to to grab and go in the morning for the whole family. These are even freezer friendly, so you can make a large batch of these 6-ingredient muffins to last the whole week. Raise your hand if you are not a Read more


I am NOT the first person to make tacos like this, so I’m blogging a tried-and-true way of making tacos.  It might even be the way YOU already make tacos. But cooking tacos in the oven has made it so much easier to serve them, so I’m posting it. Since I’ve almost always got cooked Read more


Got any meat & potato fans in your house?  This meal is for them! Got any slow cooker fans in your house?  This meal is for them! This is a complete meal.  It’s got meat.  It’s got potatoes.  It’s got vegetables.  Done! Done! Done!  Now, I do usually serve it with some other vegetables, but Read more


Instant Pot Chili Recipe

Is your family fans of chili?  My immediate family is starting to be, but I wasn’t growing up.  I sure am now though. I think it changed for me sometime in my 20s.  The company that I worked at held a weekly Chili Lunch Club in the winter time.  All you had to do was Read more


Easy Watermelon Lime Slush with Fresh Fruit

red slush on picnic table

School has started, and summer will soon be on its way out, but for now it’s holding on, and I’m soaking up every last little bit of warmth and sunshine. So of course just the sight of these delicious watermelon lime slushes has my mouth watering. I’m pretty sure you’re here for the same reason Read more