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peanut butter banana oatmeal breakfast cookies on a plate

Cookies? For breakfast? I mean, why not? My kids always get excited when we whip up a batch of these delicious peanut butter banana oatmeal breakfast cookies. With only six ingredients that parents everywhere can feel good about, these come together quickly and are sure to please a crowd. Because honestly? Who doesn’t want to Read more


Healthy Red Velvet Baked Oatmeal

Bright red baked oatmeal made with beets and topped with chocolate chips

One of my husband’s absolute favorite desserts is red velvet cake. So when I offered him a bite of this red velvet baked oatmeal, he was over the moon! Breakfast or dessert, you get to decide, but this one is chock full of healthy ingredients, with not a smidge of refined sugar, or gluten to Read more


Sweet Potato Waffles – Gluten-Free & Vegan

9 sweet potato waffles fanned out on a white plate

A gluten-free, dairy-free diet is something that some people choose, and some people have thrust upon them due to health issues. For my family it has been the latter, and what a challenge it has been to adjust to going without some of our favorite foods! So discovering a tasty gluten-free, vegan recipe for waffles Read more


On a hot summer day, I frequently find myself hankering for a cool and refreshing treat, and so have built up an arsenal of favorite smoothie recipes. This delicious berry lemon smoothie is one of my current favorites and absolutely packed with fruits, veggies, protein, and a whole lot of flavor! You’ve got the sweetness Read more


Citrus Mango Smoothie Recipe

There’s nothing quite like the taste of an ice cold smoothie on a hot summer day. But to be honest, even in these frigid winter months cravings can set in, and this delightful citrus mango smoothie has been on a regular rotation at our house. So thick and creamy, and yet light and refreshing…carrying the Read more


Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

blueberry chia seed pudding in a clear glass cup

A super easy and healthy snack that’s been gaining traction at our place is chia seed pudding! There are so many delicious ways to prepare it, but my current favorite is with blueberry sauce. Not only does it taste great, but it only has 4 ingredients and takes all of 15 minutes to throw together Read more

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Chocolate granola in a glass container

One of the absolute favorite snacks at our house right now is this homemade chocolate granola. It’s packed with protein and healthy fats, and is a great filling treat. It’s amazing plain, in a bowl full of milk, or sprinkled over some yogurt. Not to mention that as it bakes it fills the house with Read more


Gluten-Free Beet Pancake Recipe

stack of 5 beet pancakes on plate

Looking for a way to mix up your breakfast routine? Look no further than these super fun gluten-free beet pancakes! These are packed full of fiber, gluten-free, and totally delicious. They are a huge hit with my kiddos thanks to their beautiful pink color (they’d be perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat). I’m not sure Read more

homemade everything but the bagel seasoning mix in a clear bowl

Today I’m gonna share with you my absolute favorite versatile seasoning, copycat Everything But the Bagel seasoning mix! Honestly I feel like I’m kind of late to the game on this one. Like I realize that everyone has been on this train for awhile, and I’m that lame girl who didn’t realize you could use Read more

steel cut oats in white bowl with 3 blueberries on top

This one is a game changer guys! Steel cut oats, IN THE INSTANT POT! I’m not sure I could rave enough about how great these are. They have become our breakfast of choice this summer and there are so many delicious ways to prepare them. Now first of all I just need to say that Read more