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I have successfully completed four weeks of the 5K training and I feel great! I have lost six pounds and have more to lose.


I was home with a sick kid on Wednesday, the second day of school for them, so I did not run for speed training. However, I did not skip the workout. Instead, I did a home video that was for speed training, so I still squeezed in a workout between cuddles.

For my 40 minute hill walk I hit the Fontenelle Forest neighborhood in Bellevue and found the steepest hill there. I walked up and down once, but next time I may try to do it a couple times. Well, maybe, because that was a serious burn. Just check out the picture of that hill in the collage below.

I’ve cooked with grains (rice, flour, noodles) for years and finding new recipes for a grain free, low sugar diet has been challenging. What makes it more difficult is that I still need to cook grains for the rest of my family so my kids have plenty of energy. My meal plan now includes a main entree that satisifies my dietary restrictions and sides that are full of carbs for the kids. I am committed to this diet because I have already seen some excellent results.

I now have some new insights to share in my meal planning class I’ve taught for several years. I had to create new meal plans a few years ago when my youngest breastfeeding son did not tolerate dairy and that was difficult too. It takes more time to find recipes and plan but I always find some new recipes that I love.

Some new low-carb meals that were a hit in our house include: Turkey Feta burgers, Kale, Tomato & Mozzarella Fritatta and Baked Chicken with Cheese and Bacon. For those meals, I added bread or a noodle side dish for the rest of the family to enjoy.

5k week 5

This week my trainer asked me to take it easy and rest my body. He said the training will get harder after that, but then we will ease up a few weeks before the race on September 21.

Day 1: Easy jog for 5-8 minutes
8 laps on track, fast run on straightaways and walk on curves
Walk to cooldown for 5-10 minutes
Day 2: 40 min hilly walk
Day 3: OFF
Day 4: 40 min hilly walk
Day 5/6: Run for 30 minutes one day and take the other day off
Day 7: Strength training of choice for 30 minutes

Are you doing the 5K Challenge? Please leave a comment with your challenges and accomplishments.

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