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There are only a few weeks left before the big day! The Omaha Marathon 5K happens on September 21 and I’ve already signed up and am ready to do this!


Last week was a stormy, yucky week of weather and I also came down with a virus for a few days. I did take those days off from training and slept instead. For the other days, I hit the treadmill at the gym and avoided the downpours that happpened most of the week. The treadmill may not be as great for training, but I love it, because I can read a book while I exercise.

Since it finally cleared up for a few hours over the weekend, I took the family to the track for speed training and my husband ran with me for the entire 2 1/2 miles. It was challenging trying to keep up with him since he is much taller than me, but I really enjoyed his company.

This week the trainer asked me to really focus and be diligent on maintaining the low carb, no processed sugar diet. He said it would be great to lose a few more pounds before the race because that will help with the run. I agree because when I was in the Navy, I felt running was easier because I carried less weight. Of course, three kids in four years has packed the pounds on my petite frame, but the weight is finally melting away with dedication to good nutrition and regular excerise. I am down a total of eight pounds since beginning this challenge and it feels great!

training week 7

Day 1: 30 minute easy jog
Day 2: Easy jog for 5-8 minutes
8 laps on track, fast run on straightaways and walk on curves
Walk to cooldown for 5-10 minutes
Day 3: 40 minute hilly walk
Day 4: 30 minute easy jog
Day 5: 1 hour walk/run
Day 6: Off or light strength training

Are you signed up for any of the races for the Omaha Marathon on September 21? Tell us about your training for the big day.

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