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Disclosure: Complimentary tickets provided. All opinions are mine.

UPDATE – Due to weather, ‘On the Trail of Big Cats’ with Steve Winter has been rescheduled to March 22 @ 730pm.

Have you seen a National Geographic Live show yet? If not, you are missing out! These shows are appropriate for all ages and are seriously amazing. Here are my top three reasons you should attend a National Geographic Live show:

National Geographic Live shows are a live documentary with fascinating content told by award-winning photographers, conservationists, scientists and more. Through a series of incredible photos, listen to live commentary explaining each shot and learn more about the unique presenter.

Mirchani Tigress cubs at the Patpara Nala waterhole camera trap.

Mirchani Tigress cubs at the Patpara Nala waterhole camera trap. Credit: Steve Winter

Live the experiences of the featured speaker during National Geographic Live. You will hear inspiring stories, daring feats and amazing missions. It’s truly phenomenal to listen to these stories directly from the National Geographic speakers!

Cougar, Hollywood, California_CR Steve Winter

Photo credit: Steve Winter

Be Inspired
Last year, my 9-year old daughter and I attended National Geographic Live show with Mireya Mayor and my daughter was completely enamored. We watched the slides and listened about the speaker’s journey, funny stories and conservation efforts. I learned so much that night and for the first time my daughter realized that she could be famous for something other than singing and acting. That National Geographic Live show was truly a pivotal moment for her and her life dreams. I am so glad I took her to that show and will continue taking her and my other children to more National Geographic Live shows.

Steve Winter_CR Sharon Guynup

Steve Winter

The first speaker in Omaha Performing Art’s 2016 National Geographic Live! series is award-winning National Geographic photographer, Steve Winter presenting ‘On The Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars and Snow Leopards’ on February 2. He has had many exciting adventures as a big cat photographer, including being stalked by jaguars, charge by a grizzly in Siberia and even trapped in quicksand! He’s traveled to remote and isolated locations to capture tigers, snow leopards and other big cats in their native lands.

During this National Geographic Live! show Steve Winter will share his journey to becoming a big cat photographer and the audience will follow him through Asian jungles, the Himalayas and his search for the American cougar. His resume is very impressive and his photos (see above) are spectacular. I can’t wait to attend Omaha’s first National Geographic Live show of this season.

Details about National Geographic Live  “On the Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars and Snow Leopards” with Steve Winter:
When: Tuesday, February 2 @ 730pm RESCHEDULED FOR MARCH 22 @ 730PM
Where: Holland Performing Arts Center
Tickets: Save $5 when you purchase tickets online here and use promo code CATS through 2/1

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Are you excited to attend a National Geographic Live show?

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