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Good Day Readers,

My name is Pete, and I am Nicole’s husband. Nicole has been couponing for … well, a very long time. Our house and elsewhere has become more intriguing simply because of coupons. Over these years, I have had some experiences I never could have imagined and that is why I felt (Nicole nudging me to do this) compelled to share them with you in a humorous top ten list.

couponing husbands

You know your wife is a Couponer when:

1. Deciding where the family should go out to eat, she opens up her binder to sift through the coupons, and depending on the available coupon that is where the family dines out or gets take out.

2. She returns from the store with some new and delicious foods that are gone in a week. The next shopping trip comes up and you ask her to get more of those awesome snacks, but your heart is crushed when it is said that she will not be able to get it again until she gets another coupon or it goes on sale.

3. You open the cabinets on YOUR side of the bathroom sink and are immediately attacked by boxes of stockpiled tampons and all you needed was deodorant that hides in the pile.

4. The kids are asked if they would like to do arts and crafts time, but their response is not filled with much enthusiasm because that is just code for clipping and filing coupons with Mom.

kids clipping coupons

5. Sunday rolls around and your driveway looks like nobody has been home for weeks because it is filled with Sunday papers.

6. It becomes a state of emergency when the printer cannot print the latest coupons for the upcoming shopping trip, and she blames you for breaking it.

7. You are out by yourself shopping and you see an item that you would like to purchase, but you hesitate to buy it because, A: Your wife may have a coupon for it, B: She will say you could of bought it cheaper if you just waited, or C: She becomes upset that you paid full price and not let you go shopping again by yourself.

8. Meal planning has become a new adventure each week because choices of food are solely based on coupons from the Sunday ads, and it is a challenge to persuade her to deviate from just the Sunday ads.

9. The two of you are driving on a main road and all of a sudden she clasps her hands on her chest. You look at her and then look around to see what is going on worried something is really wrong. Then you realize she is just excited to see one of her favorite stores to use coupons.

10. She returns from a shopping trip, whips out a two foot long receipt and asks you to guess how much she spent at the grocery store. But, before you can respond she begins to sound off the items that were purchased and then awaits your answer with anticipation. You arbitrarily reply, however, she knows you are not trying and continues to ask. After a few guesses, she interrupts because she cannot resist telling you how much it cost and how much she saved.

Overall, couponing has become a big part of our household and it is here to stay. We have saved money and couponing has created some interesting experiences in my life that I am sure will continue. I hope you enjoyed this funny top 10 list and share with other husbands who are married to a couponer and can relate.

So I ask you, fellow Spouses of Couponers, leave a comment and share your experiences from living with a couponer.

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  • Jayme March 29, 2016, 9:20 pm

    That’s funny! I think my husband’s biggest complaint is my overbuying of diapers & toilet paper. I haven’t bought toilet paper in over a year and we still have at least a 6 month supply! It’s horrible and not what I recommend — I just way overestimated how fast we use AND kind of forgot (a couple of times) that I already had plenty.

    It’s made worse by the fact that we moved 8 months ago and had to move all that toilet paper and diapers to the new house! Course, it was a lot lighter than the canned goods that I had….

  • Bill Smith March 31, 2016, 1:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing!

    There is always a danger when she asks “Guess how much I paid for this?” . I always try to err on the high side so she can tell me just how good a deal she got.

    • Nicole March 31, 2016, 8:23 pm

      That’s smart Bill!

    • Joy April 2, 2016, 1:28 pm

      Bill, thank you, I’ll be posting your comment on the frig. My family thinks it’s almost a compliment when they guess low lol… only a coupon fanatic gets the sheer joy we feel when announcing the guess is WAY too high. Has me laughing 🙂

  • Al March 29, 2017, 5:45 pm

    Well after few years doing this stuff it’s get normal, just organize and save. Thanks for sharing Nicole…


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