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Disclosure: Contains affiliate link. All opinions are mine.  Merry Christmas!!!  Well, maybe Merry Christmas, depending on what day you're reading this.  Maybe it's more like "Merry ALMOST Christmas!" or maybe even "Merry POST Christmas!" Whatever the situation, a free printable will help.  And, more than that, chocolate will help.  And what happens when you combine Continue Reading...


10 years ago, I was a single woman.  My holidays looked much different then than they did now. Then?  I had just a handful of people to buy gifts for. Now?  At least 3-4 times the number of people, 4 of whom are my kids which means more than 1 present and the inclusion of Continue Reading...


Amazon First Reads December 2018 Selections!

first reads, amazon prime

One awesome benefit of Amazon Prime is that every month Prime members get a FREE ebook from the Amazon First Reads selections. These books are available exclusively to Prime members before their official release date. As a Prime member, you can select one of the featured Amazon First Reads ebooks FREE every month – that’s 12 free ebooks a year!

You can read Kindle books on your PC or most devices with the free Kindle reading app. Stuck in a waiting room? Simply pull out your phone and catch up on your latest novel or magazine.

Here are the December 2018 choices for Amazon First Reads (click book cover to read more & download on Amazon): Read More...