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Easy Ham, Potato & Green Bean Hash

Baked ham potatoes and green beans in a white bowl

What do you do when you’ve got a bunch of random ingredients and leftovers in the fridge that are on their last leg, and are begging to be used up? You throw them together with a little this, and a little that, and hope for the best. That’s how this ham, potato, and green bean Read more


Homemade White Chicken Chili Recipe

White chicken chili in a bowl

White Chicken Chili – a classic comfort soup, ready in just 30 minutes on the stove. Whenever the wind starts to have a bit of a bite to it and the leaves begin to transform into a warm and vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, my tastebuds begin to long for all those warm and cozy comfort Read more


Best Places to Hide Presents from Snoopy Kids

Best places to hide gifts from snoopy kids

Do your kids scour the house snooping for presents? Mine do, so I asked for help from my Facebook fans and they had some genius hiding places for Christmas gifts. I’m sharing their tips for the best places to hide presents from curious kids. The biggest tip for hiding presents is to wrap them before Read more


Toffee Nut Scones – Freezer-Friendly Recipe

Two toffee nut scones on a white plate

I don’t remember when I had my first scone. I just know that when I did I fell in love. There’s so many delicious options out there, but these toffee nut scones might be my new favorite. Buttery sweet, a delightful treat, especially when paired with a hot cup of coffee. They are good at Read more

Cashew chicken over rice in a white bowl

I love Chinese food. Just adore it. Now I’m not very adventurous when I order – I tend to stick to what I love. Cashew Chicken. Almond Chicken. Fried Rice. Sweet & Sour Chicken. Sesame Chicken. And especially Hot & Sour Soup. I’ve been able to re-create some of them at home and I’ve added Read more