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Amazon First Reads December 2018 Selections!

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One awesome benefit of Amazon Prime is that every month Prime members get a FREE ebook from the Amazon First Reads selections. These books are available exclusively to Prime members before their official release date. As a Prime member, you can select one of the featured Amazon First Reads ebooks FREE every month – that’s 12 free ebooks a year!

You can read Kindle books on your PC or most devices with the free Kindle reading app. Stuck in a waiting room? Simply pull out your phone and catch up on your latest novel or magazine.

Here are the December 2018 choices for Amazon First Reads (click book cover to read more & download on Amazon): Read More…


2018 Summer Reading Programs for Kids!

Get kids excited about reading over the summer and avoid the summer slump with these free 2018 summer reading programs! The free summer reading programs encourage your child to read with fun reward programs. 1. Barnes & Noble The BN Summer Reading Program runs from May 15 – September 3, 2019. Kids keep a reading Read more

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Most of us pay our kids for chores or allowances, but I decided to do something more. I pay them to read books. Crazy, I know, but I have a good reason for dropping cash on their literacy. I want to encourage my kids to learn and many jobs will pay more if employees have Read more


I am so excited to introduce you to some amazing Nebraska authors today. All four of us are established bloggers and have released exciting new books this year. If you are wondering what there is to do in Nebraska or want to learn more about Nebraska history, you won’t want to miss these books. My new books aren’t Nebraska related, but will help you save money so you can travel and enjoy all the places mentioned in these books.

Keep reading for a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7 tablet to read all your new books! Read More…


It’s that time again!

Since 2013, Ultimate Bundles has been selling the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, a complete collection of resources to help you create a home and life you love.

Over the years, a crazy number of people (100,000!!) have invested in themselves by grabbing a copy of the bundle.

People like Nikki, who grabbed last year’s version… Read More…


Sometimes in life there are books that leave a lifelong impact and change how you view the world. In my late teens and early 20’s I read many finance and money books (I know I’m a total nerd.) During that time my views on money changed drastically because of these four insightful finance books.

These authors challenged the money lessons I learned in high school and provided a broader picture of what it takes to be financially secure. I am forever grateful these books because they have shaped my financial path. Read More…

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Do you remember Mister C’s, Aquila Tea Room, French Cafe or Bohemian Cafe? In Kim Reiner’s first book ‘Lost Restaurants of Omaha’, she delves into the fascinating history of Omaha’s lost restaurants. She shares stories of the owners, the patrons and what happened to over 30 restaurants in the Metro area. Some stories are quite tragic, like the untimely demise of Cafe Beautiful. Others are refreshingly nostalgic for anyone who has a love for Omaha. Read More…

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Top Books for Middle Schoolers!

Disclosure: Contains affiliate link. All opinions are mine. Middle school can be a tough time to find things your child really loves to read (or at least admit to loving). These books will be on your child’s wish list this school year and beyond. They’ll love the engaging storylines, and you’ll love the life lessons Read more

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Whether your teen is entering college or the work world, they need to be armed with knowledge in life after high school. Throughout their secondary school days, students read a variety of compelling books. Some of the top books every high schooler should read before graduation are part of that curriculum, but there are others that just have good life lessons, no book report needed. Read More…


Best Books for Grades K-2

Emergent readers need text that’s engaging and fun. Introducing younger readers to nonfiction, finding series books, and continuing to read aloud to your kids can help them really enjoy reading. Here are some of the best books for grades K-2.

The following books are great read alouds with adults or fantastic for emergent readers to begin to read on their own. It’s important to note that students at the kindergarten through second grade levels are reading at different rates. Some texts may be more challenging than others for some students, but all of the subject matters are appropriate for five through eight year olds. Read More…