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If you shop online, one of the easiest ways to save money is by earning cash back. It costs you nothing to use these sites and you earn cash back for every online purchase. I’ve been shopping online and using cash back sites for over a decade and I have four I am sharing with you today that are my personal favorites.

How do cash back sites work? It’s simple. Start at the cash back site and simply click on the store you want to shop. Your purchase is tracked and you earn cash back. Then redeem your rewards for gift cards or Paypal cash. It’s super easy and the savings add up fast. Read More…


A better day begins with a better breakfast, and having a breakfast that is packed with flavorful goodness is what every family deserves. With three new Shredded Wheat varieties from Post® Cereals available at Walmart, it’s easy to please adults and kids alike.

You can try out these delicious new varieties with this cashback offer from ibotta. “> Read More…


Disclosure: Contains referral link. All opinions are mine. Have you heard of Ibotta? It’s an app that makes it super easy to earn cash back on things you buy every day, including any brand items, like milk and chips, food, alcohol and even retail shopping trips. I average $25-$40 cash back every month from Ibotta Read more


Ebates – Double Cash Back for Cyber Monday!

If you are shopping online today, check out Ebates for Double Cash Back today only with over 500 online stores offering cash back.Plus, if you are a NEW member of Ebates, you will earn a $10 gift card with your first $25 purchase through Ebates. Click here to sign up NOW!Here are some Cyber Monday Read more