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decluttering guide

I struggle with clutter. With a family of five living in a modest sized ranch home, there just isn’t space for clutter and the clutter happens quickly. I’ll deal with it for a few months (or maybe a few years) and then it starts to drive me crazy and I HAVE to get rid of Read more

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I really had fun with the declutter for cash challenge. It was great to earn money for items we no longer used and declutter my house at the same time. Did you participate in the Declutter for Cash challenge? Leave a comment telling us about your experience. WEEK 4 RESULTS So, the last week of Read more


My goal this week was to seriously declutter and we did great. I slacked on posting items for sale, but I went through alot of stuff and have plenty to list for the last week of this challenge. WEEK 3 RESULTS Wireless entertainment system $15 Lalloopsy dolls $8 Outdoor baby swing $10 DVD’s $10 Toddler Read more


How are you doing with the March Declutter for Cash Challenge? It’s been slow for me, but I have sold a few items and have some extra cash. WEEK 1 RESULTS 92 Kid’s Books – $37 4 Kid’s Puzzles – $1 2 Girl’s Shirts – Free on swap site I sold all these items on Read more


March Challenge! Declutter For Cash!

WHY A DECLUTTER FOR CASH CHALLENGE? After a full month of zero unneccessary spending in February, I realized I really enjoy month-long challenges and blogging about the experience keeps me motivated. This month I will be decluttering my house for cash! We had three kids in four years and there hasn’t been alot of extra Read more