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Eat From Your Freezer Challenge! Week 3!

I’m making progress on getting my freezer levels to a manageable state!  Here’s my first week’s post and my second week’s post. Just like last week, I haven’t seen any huge miracles in my freezer.  So I’m kind of disappointed by that, but as I look back at the meals I made, there was something Continue Reading...

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Eat From Your Freezer Challenge – Week 2!

Last week, I posted about my deep freezer.  How it’s gotten to a bad state.  How I was going to start intentionally eating from the freezer.  Here’s my update on how it’s going so far. This week: We ate out a couple of times when we could have eaten from the freezer.  But I’m happy Continue Reading...


Eat From Your Freezer Challenge – Week 1!

My deep freezer is ridiculous.  Filled to the brim with stuff.  My husband and I considered buying ¼ cow last fall in order, but we took one look at our freezer and just couldn’t do it.  We would’ve had to buy another freezer just to fit the new meat!  It wasn’t the right time, obviously Continue Reading...