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It’s almost Independence Day! June just flew by for me – how about you? But I’m excited for the 4th of July. Our boys are at the age where staying up late doesn’t totally devastate them for DAYS afterwards like it used to. We go to Columbus, Nebraska to view fireworks with family and it’s Read more


Seriously? The year is almost 1/2 over? That’s CRAZY! I’ve heard it said “The days are long, but the years are short.” Sometimes I think they’re lying: the years are not THAT short. And yet, here I am: looking right into the eyes of June already. Crazy! School year is done. Summer activities are starting Read more


Do you do May Day? For us, it’s the practice of making up a little gift of food, leaving it on the door step of our neighbors, ringing the doorbell and hiding. We don’t do anything overly fancy – usually it’s just a cup of popcorn with some other little candies mixed in. We’ll make Read more


April 2019 Monthly Menu Plan

It’s weird what can remind us to do something, isn’t it? For me and menu planning, it’s my husband’s paycheck. He gets paid once a month – on the last business day of the month. And, it never seems to fail, that towards the end of the month, I start to think “Hey, when does Read more