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When 2020 started, I was NOT expecting this. This = no school. This = working from home. This = little to no extracurricular activities. This = staying at home all.the.time. And, yet, here we are. Nothing we can do except to make the best of it and survive. That is, survive where we have to Read more


March 2020 – A Meal Plan You Will Love!

Some months fly by. Some months crawl. This has been a flying by month. I mean: March already? The Earth must be moving faster and faster as it’s going by in a blink! The weather has been wonderfully warm lately (well, you know, for the end of February in Nebraska – it’s a relative thing) Read more

free menu plan for February 2020

Just a couple more weeks until Valentine’s Day! Do you celebrate it? If so, do you eat in or eat out? Celebrate that actual day or sometime before? Or sometime after? We don’t really celebrate it. We did the first year we were dating and it was just a-w-k-w-a-r-d. We were really newly dating and Read more


It’s almost Independence Day! June just flew by for me – how about you? But I’m excited for the 4th of July. Our boys are at the age where staying up late doesn’t totally devastate them for DAYS afterwards like it used to. We go to Columbus, Nebraska to view fireworks with family and it’s Read more