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Have you ever heard of the No Spend Challenge or financial freeze? Basically, you stop spending money on any and all unnecessary purchases for a set amount of time. You can do a several weeks or even a whole month. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s a powerful challenge to help you get on track Read more


Week three of our No Spend Challenge has gone very well with one unexpected expense. Read the original No Spend February Challenge to see what spending we have cut in our budget this entire month. Our Grocery Trip I had a very good trip to the grocery store and purchased all our essentials for the Read more


No Spend February! Meal Plan Week Four!

I’m excited that this is the last week of our challenge. There are a items that we have used up, including salt, roasts and my coffee creamer. I have to be creative with the menu this last week, but we will still have plenty of variety. Meal Plan Week of February 22-28 Chicken Noodle Soup Read more


No Spend February! Meal Plan Week Three!

This week, we ran out of necessities, so I made a run to the grocery store, but only spent $0.87 with my coupons. Our week two meal plan had a slight variation because I redeemed a Sam’s Club Groupon that came with a rotisserie chicken and that became one of our meals. We never made Read more


No Spend February – Week One Was a Success!

This February, our family has decided to spend zero money on non-essentials during Frugal February. I am excited to announce that we made it through the first seven days with absolutely ZERO spending and not a single trip to any restaurant, retail or grocery store. Our month of zero spending was even a feature story Read more


No Spend February! Meal Plan Week Two!

My family has almost made it through the first week of our No Spend Challenge and it has gone great. We have not run out of any staple food items yet and today is the last meal of our week one meal plan. However, we are getting low on milk, yogurt and bananas, so I Read more


No Spend February! Meal Plan Week One

One of my readers made a wonderful suggestion to post my meal plans every week during our no-spend challenge this February. I’m sure the menu will get more creative and interesting throughout the month. Right now, our fridge and pantry are stocked with our normal meal ingredients, so I can choose meals we already cook Read more

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February – No Spend Challenge!

I am excited to announce my husband and I decided to embark on a month-long no spending challenge. I got the idea after reading Living Well, Spending Less blog post entitled ‘31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero.’ My husband and I have several financial goals for the future, including paying cash for a Read more