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Checkout 51 is an easy to use Apple or Android app that gives you cash back on your grocery shopping trips! They are constantly adding new rebates and you can save on diapers, toilet paper, alcohol and more! Plus, every week they have a healthy offer on produce, so it’s super easy to save a little more on items you already purchase.

Checkout 51 Offers

How to use Checkout 51:
1. Download the free app & create an account
2. Purchase select items at any grocery store (a few offers are retailer specific, so always double check the offer)
3. Upload receipt
4. Select the offers redeemed on that reciept
5. Cash back deposited into account within a few days and checks are mailed direct to you & can be requested when your balance reaches $20

Checkout 51 is super easy to use and I love that I can use it any store. Plus, I can upload any grocery receipt over $60 for a chance to win over $500!

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