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5 Apps to Keep You Organized this School Year

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The start of a new school year means your life is about to get a lot busier! In addition to homework and tests, your kids are probably taking part in tons of extra-curricular activities. And that’s on top keeping track of doctor’s appointments, menu planning, and taking care of your house. To keep from getting overwhelmed, I suggest taking to your phone and downloading these five apps to keep you organized this school year!


apps for organization


A calendar app made with a family in mind, Cozi should be the first app you add to your arsenal this school year. You can create color-coded entries for each family member, making it simple to keep the schedules of multiple kids organized. And the text alert service means you’ll never forget an appointment or special day again. It even helps you keep your grocery list organized.


The beginning of a new school year probably means you’ll be inundated with piles of papers all filled with important information. To keep these papers from piling up, I suggest getting Evernote. Just take a photo or scan the piece of paper with the important information on it, whether it’s the school lunch menu or a teacher’s contact information, and save it in the app for future reference. Using the app’s handy tags makes it simple to keep all of your scans organized by category for quick reference later.

Grocery IQ

Did you know there’s an app that replaces the grocery list that you always seem to forget on the kitchen counter that can save you money, too? It’s true! Grocery IQ will be a lifesaver by helping you keep track of what you need to buy at the store (which can be accessed across multiple devices) and will find you coupons to match the items on your list. It even makes your trip to the grocery store easier by organizing your list into aisles for quick shopping.


Help your kids keep track of their chores with this handy app that rewards your kids for finishing tasks. Parents can quickly create weekly chores and assign point values to each task in ChoreMonster. Then, set rewards that you kids can purchase with the points they earn – anything from a weekly allowance to a special day out just for them.

Remember the Milk

If you’re a list maker, this app is for you. Remember the Milk will help you keep track of all your to-dos, replacing your traditional paper and pen lists. Whether you need to jot down a grocery list or keep track of homework assignment due dates, this app will come in handy this school year. You can even set up push notifications to remind you of upcoming events so you won’t forget about wacky hair day next week or the championship game next month.

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