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Books to Teach Kids About Money

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Teaching your kids to be smart about money and saving can set them up for a lifetime of success. Financial literacy is so important, and understanding how to budget, save, and make money can help your children avoid making the same mistakes many young adults (and adults) make when it comes to money. These books to teach kids about money will help you reach your goals when it comes to educating your children on financial literacy.

Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

When it comes to matters of money, Dave Ramsey is the go-to for many adults trying to pay off debt, save, and make financially responsible decisions. He paired up with his own daughter, Rachel, to write a guidebook to help teach your kids how to work, save, and make positive financial decisions like paying cash for college and avoiding the never-ending debt cycle. 

Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23 by Beth Kobliner

Kobliner takes a different approach to teaching your kids (at any age) about money. It’s not about dollars, but it is about sense. Teaching your kids the values that instill a positive money mindset is more important than teaching about denominations of money and stocks and bonds. Try this easy to follow book to help teach your children all about hard work and being thankful. 

Tips and Tricks to Become a Kid Entrepreneur: Part of the Here’s How You Can Too! Series (Tips and Tricks – Part of the Here’s How You Can Too! Series) by Inspire Generations

Part of teaching your kids about money is teaching them how they can make money. This book gives kids ideas to start their own businesses like dog walking or car washes. With simple checklists and organizers, this book is a great guide to help your kids start making and managing their own money.

I’m A Shareholder Kit: The Basics About Stocks – For Kids/Teens by Rick Roman

One way to start your child’s financial future is investments. Why not teach your children about investing in stocks on their own? This comprehensive plan comes with a coupon for $20 off a share of stock. Parents who are investing newbies will also like working with their kids and teens through this book, which is helpful for all ages!

DK Eyewitness Books: Money: Discover the Fascinating Story of Money from Silver Ingots to Smart Cards by Joe Cribb

Not all money books are about saving, making money, and budgeting. This fascinating book with amazing photographs teaches your children about different types of money and its history. Learning about money mindset starts with an understanding of currency in this awesome book!

Using books to teach kids about money is incredibly helpful in teaching your children to be responsible with money from a young age. Instill these good financial habits early and watch what happens as a result!

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