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I am so excited about this great deal on new Amazon sample boxes! Basically, purchase any of these sample boxes and get an equal amount on credit towards a future purchase in that product category. So, you get your money back on a future purchase and get to try 5-10 unique sample-size products. It’s a win-win!

amazon sample box

Here are the current sample boxes available (all while supplies last):

  • Amoretti Syrup – Samples vary for $9.99 ($9.99 off next Amoretti syrup purchase)
  • Cookie – 5+ samples for $4.99 ($4.99 off next cookie purchase)
  • Energy drinks – 7+ samples for $7.99 ($7.99 off next energy drink purchase)
  • Men’s Grooming – 9 samples for $19.99 ($19.99 off next grooming product purchase)
  • Protein Bars – 8+ samples for $9.99 ($9.99 off next protein bar purchase)
  • Snack Bar – 6 samples for $4.99 ($4.99 off next snack bar purchase)
  • Snack Foods – 5+ samples for $4.99 ($4.99 off next select snack food purchase)
  • Sports Nutrition – 9+ samples for $9.99 ($9.99 off next sports nutrition purchase)
  • Suds – 8+ samples for $8.99 ($8.99 off next household supplies purchase)
  • Women’s Makeup & Hair Care – 9 samples for $9.99 ($9.99 off next next beauty purchase)
  • Women’s Skin & Oral Care – Samples vary for $14.99 ($14.99 off next next beauty purchase)

More Details about this promotion:
These sample boxes are a limited time offer, while supplies last and are exclusive to Amazon Prime members (sign up for free 30-day Prime trial). There is a limit of 1 sample box of each type per account. Amazon will apply the promotional credit seven days after sample box ships and you will have three months to use the credit.

Are you excited about Amazon Sample Boxes? Which ones did you order?

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