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Have you been to the Tinker Lab at Omaha Children’s Museum? It’s had a makeover in the last year and is a fantastic place to teach kids to use basic tools with supervision.

The Tinker Lab has many materials on hand, like wood, cardboard, straws, tape, paperclips, clothespins, sewing machine and much more for kids to create their masterpieces. My kids love to nail or screw wood together to make boxes or even a mini catapult.

Not sure what to make at the Tinker Lab? I’m going to share how to make a simple DIY rubber band shooter and target board. These are so easy to make and my kids love shooting them. Read More...


The basic concept behind gardening is easy. Plant a seed, add water, give it some sunlight, and wait for something to grow - sounds pretty simple, right? Not quite! Not all plants are the same. Some crave colder climates, while others favor warm, humid locations. Some love water; others only need a little moisture to Continue Reading...


Tips for a More Rustic Looking Home on a Budget

If you've fallen in with the rustic looking home style like we have, you might be wondering how to get the most bang for your buck on your decor. Since rustic style is so popular now, you can find highly expensive handcrafted items to suit your decor needs just about anywhere - but what about Continue Reading...

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The Holidays are a special time of year. I love hosting family gatherings, decorating the house and baking. Through December our home wafts scents of cinnamon and eggnog flows freely. I absolutely love everything about the Holidays (well, except for snow.)

My kids wanted to help decorate this year and we decided to make simple (and very inexpensive) light up snowman and Santa from recycled Hiland Dairy gallon milk cartons. My boys were more than happy to help drink their favorite protein-packed refreshment. They drink at least two gallons of week so we have plenty of extra milk jugs to use for this project. Read More...

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20 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas!

valentines card

Valentine's Day is only a month away, so it's time to start thinking about making Valentine's Day cards. All three of my kids have card exchanges in their class, so it's fun to craft together and make unique cards. My 6-year old son absolutely loves the paper airplane printable Valentine's card (#18). They are super Continue Reading...