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As a couponer, I’ve been known to stock up on items during really great sales. When I had little ones and used baby wipes regularly I found an amazing deal with free wipes and stocked up! Well, turns out I overestimated how many I’d actually need. Now, my kids are all potty trained and I Read more

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5 Easy Ways to Save $100 or More This Month

Do you need to trim your budget this month? With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, finances can be tight this season. Here are 5 simple ideas that can save $100 or more from your budget this month. 1. Eat from your pantry Most of us have food we bought with good intentions that Read more

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15 Undeniable Signs You Are Frugal!

I was raised by frugal parents, who were raised by my even more frugal grandparents. Our bargain-hunting, resourceful ways were passed down from generation to generation. I guess you can say frugality is in my DNA.  I learned how to pinch a penny and ‘waste not, want not’ from an early age. Were you raised in Read more


10 Things I Will NOT Do to Save Money!

I am very frugal and love living well below our means. I get excited when I find an amazing clearance or score a great deal with coupons. I love saving money so much that I even started this blog and teach classes that help others live frugal lifestyles. You would think I would save money in Read more


30+ Recipes For Eating On The Cheap!

There are many situations that could want you to spend as little as reasonable on groceries in a given month.  Maybe an unexpected house maintenance issue? A potential layoff?  Overspending in previous months?  Trying to pay down debt as much as possible as quickly as possible?  Or trying to save up a down payment on Read more


5 Must Have Camping Items!

Peak camping season is here and we wanted to share some of our favorite must have camping items with you! Whether you’re a seasoned camper, or a newbie starting out for the first time, you might be wondering what to pack on your first trip of the year. Stick around for the 5 must have camping items. Read More…


5 Tips For Saving Money on Beauty Products

Are you a makeup addict on a budget? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Makeup can be a tough hobby when you’re trying to save, but fear not – in this post, we’re sharing some of the best tips for saving money on beauty products. In no time, you’ll be expanding your collection and your savings too.

Tips For Saving Money on Beauty Products Read More…


Tips to Be a Garage Sale Shopping Pro!

I look forward to garage sales every summer. I get fantastic deals and new treasures from other people’s ‘junk’. Over the years I’ve perfecting the art of garage sale shopping. Here are my top tips to become a garage sale shopping professional (including how to shop with the kids)! Map a Plan – Start with Read more


Tips to Have a Successful Garage Sale!

I’ve been hosting garage sales since I was a teenager and have always had great success and made a few hundred extra dollars. The money is amazing and the decluttered areas are fantastic! I’ve learned a few tips over the years that have made our garage sales successful, profitable and run smoothly. BEFORE THE SALE Read more


Who doesn’t love the dollar store, am I right? It’s a fun place to shop, there are THOUSANDS of items to choose from, and everything only costs ONE DOLLAR?!?! You may be saying to yourself, “How can it get any better?” Believe me, I used to say that all the time. The thought works in Read more

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