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Best Fireworks Shows in Nebraska!

It’s time to celebrate the 4th with food, family, and you guessed it: fireworks! The Cornhusker state is no exception when it comes to fun on the 4th. Here are the best places in Nebraska to see fireworks on the 4th of July! 4th of July Celebration (Seward, Nebraska) Seward Who knew that in the Read more


Who doesn’t love the anticipation of vacation? We all love the countdown! We don’t all love the packing and prep part, but you know who does? Your kids! Kids love prepping for a road trip. It gets them excited! It makes it seem like a huge deal. It makes them anxious. And what parent really Read more


Ready to explore the great state of Nebraska this summer? Join The Nebraska Passport program from the Nebraska Tourism Commission for a chance to visit Nebraska’s hidden gems AND win fantastic prizes. The Passport includes 80 unique stops and adventures throughout Nebraska and you collect stamps at each stop for a chance at great prizes Read more

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Top 10 Campgrounds in Nebraska!

Do you feel like having an adventure? How about taking a fun filled camping trip? In case you haven’t spent too much time in the Nebraska outdoors, it is beautiful and should absolutely be explored. A camping trip at one of our favorite Nebraska campgrounds is just the way to do it! If you are Read more


10 Museums to Visit in Nebraska This Summer!

Known as the Cornhusker State, Nebraska sometimes gets a bad rap. People sometimes think of it as one of those “boring plains states”. They assume that the people there just spend a lot of time watching the grass grow. When they aren’t dodging tornadoes, that is.

But people who actually live in Nebraska know how special it is. They know the beauty of the Platte River. Their hearts fill with joy when they see Goldenrods blooming. And they know that there are many places to go for recreational fun, all across the state, including many museums to see in Nebraska.

Nebraska has an abundance of natural beauty. There are many beautiful places for outdoor activities. But when the summer heat gets to be too much, escape indoors to one of these wonderful museums. Whether you love art, classic cars, baseball, or simply want to find a fun place to take the kids, here are 10 museums to see in Nebraska this summer! Read More…