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Chicken Shawarma (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Crock Pot chicken shawarma served in naan bread with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, red onion and tzatziki sauce

Have you ever heard of chicken shawarma? I’ll be honest. I hadn’t until very recently. I grew up eating your typical American and Italian dishes, and we didn’t really branch out much. But when I was in high school, the people who lived across the street were from India, and the smells that would waft Read more


Slow Cooker Hot Italian Beef Sandwiches

Hot Italian beef sandwiches with provolone cheese and Giardiniera

Who here is a fan of Italian dishes?! I’ll be honest…I’m not a big pasta gal. I’ll eat it for sure, and it makes it’s way into our meal plan on occasion, but it’s just not my favorite. HOWEVER. We recently tried these slow cooker hot Italian beef sandwiches and wow. My husband took a Read more


Easy Slow Cooker Egg Casserole

Easy egg, cheese, ham, and spinach casserole made in the crock pot

Who doesn’t love a meal that takes just a few minutes to toss in the crock pot? Set it and forget it? Yep…that’s me! I mean, I was kind of lazy even before I had kids, but they have definitely increased my reliance on quick and easy meals. So this slow cooker “baked” egg casserole Read more


Slow Cooker Black Beans…a Money Saving Hack

Black beans in white bowl

I take a lot of joy in finding ways to save money in the kitchen.  (Actually…..I take a lot of joy in finding ways to save money period!) So when I discovered how much cheaper it was to purchase dry black beans instead of canned, I was like “sign me up!”  They are a staple Read more


Got any meat & potato fans in your house?  This meal is for them! Got any slow cooker fans in your house?  This meal is for them! This is a complete meal.  It’s got meat.  It’s got potatoes.  It’s got vegetables.  Done! Done! Done!  Now, I do usually serve it with some other vegetables, but Read more


When my husband and I started dating a decade ago, we would go out with friends often.  Sometimes to a barbecue place.  He didn’t like buffalo sauce, so he normally got something with barbecue sauce.  I’d get buffalo sauce cause I live on the spicy side of life. Then we got married and he did Read more


I got a thing for buns.  They’re carb-y.  They’re delicious.  They’re yeasty. I like big buns.  (I cannot lie.) I like hot cross buns.  (One a penny.  Two a penny.) I like them with cinnamon on top. I like them with frosting on top.  I like them made into garlic bread.  I like them made Read more


One taquito. Two taquito. Three taquito. Score! How do you spell taquito anyway?  I could’ve sworn it was tacquito (with a ‘c’), but Google says otherwise.  Weird. Just when you think you know how to spell something.  My name is still spelled J-A-Y-M-E, right?  Just checking. However they’re spelled, taquitos are yummy.  They’re one of Read more


Tender Pork Chops – Made In A Slow Cooker!

I’ve been loving my slow cooker all the more these days.  As a working mom, it’s been so easy for me to stick a meal into a slow cooker and let it simmer for most of the day.  But on my stay-at-home mom days, it’s also been great.  I’m not restricted to meals that need Read more