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It’s another mystery box, this time for Father’s Day! For only $24.99, plus shipping, get a mystery box full of manly items for dad and add an optional bag for $6.99 and up. They have a really nice golfing bag, large gear bag, laptop bag or tool bag add-on option. You can watch the video and see all the bags they are offering and what they will look like.  This box is full of all sorts of stuff dads will enjoy, but they do sell out!


Photo Credit: Jammin’ Butter

I absolutely love mystery boxes and was SUPER happy with the Mother’s Day mystery box I got last month, so I can’t wait for this one to arrive! Hurry, this mystery box is only available while supplies last on thatdailydeal.com.

Note: There is a limit of three boxes per person, but multiple boxes will likely have some of the same items.

Do you love mystery boxes too?

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