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Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift – DIY Cookie Jars

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This year I thought it would be fun to make something homemade for my kid’s teachers and bus drivers – DIY chocolate chip cookie jars. We are making the most of Christmas on a budget and spreading holiday cheer is important to us. 

In less than an hour, I put together these super cute cookie jar mixes. They were so easy to make and very reasonably priced with all the sales on baking goods this time of year.

jar with cookie mix

I got the recipe from the book 100 Easy Recipes in Jars. I absolutely love this book for homemade gifts! It describes how to decorate, layer and embellish the jars and includes recipes for cookies, bars and snack mixes.

I made six chocolate chip cookie jars in less than an hour. I even baked an extra batch for the family and they were delicious! In the book, they layer cloth over the top to make it look super fancy, but I only had bows, so that’s what I used. This book is worth the money if you like to make homemade gifts or bake.

I printed the printable labels included in the book (there are over 2000). I attached the label directly to the jar, and glued the recipe instructions to festive colored cardstock attached to the jar with a colored wire. The entire jar is topped with a holiday bow for a wrapped look to the gift.

These homemade cookie jars were a hit with the bus drivers and teachers and I stayed on budget with Christmas shopping. It was a win-win.

Share your DIY gift ideas in a comment.

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