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15 Undeniable Signs You Are Frugal!

I was raised by frugal parents, who were raised by my even more frugal grandparents. Our bargain-hunting, resourceful ways were passed down from generation to generation. I guess you can say frugality is in my DNA.  I learned how to pinch a penny and ‘waste not, want not’ from an early age.

Were you raised in a frugal household? Do you consider yourself frugal? Here are 15 signs that you are, indeed, a frugal person!

15 Signs You Are Frugal:

1. Your entire wardrobe is second hand and you’re totally cool with that. Vintage is always in style, right?

2. You figure out cost per ounce at the grocery store for the best bargain. And, more times than not, you end up with the 25 lb bag of rice to save a quarter.

3. Forget Tupperware. You clean and save all plastic and glass containers to repurpose. This means sometimes you may open five cottage cheese containers before you actually find the cottage cheese.

4. You always mail in your rebates, even if they are only for a buck.

5. You’ve mastered the art of freebies. Why pay for something you can get free?

6. You negotiate prices whenever you can.

7. You prefer to barter instead of paying cash.

8. You haven’t had cable TV for years, if ever. Rabbit ears get you a few free channels and that’s good enough.

9. You only buy clearance items with at least three markdowns. The more clearance stickers you peel, the better the bargain! (And, if you are like my grandma, you leave all those stickers on to show off how much you saved.)

10. You always pick up the penny – heads up or heads down, it’s still a penny. Don’t you know those cents add up!

11. You search ‘free’ listings on buy sell trade sites. Another person’s trash may become your new treasure.

12. Old, tattered clothes always become rags. Why throw away something that still can be useful?

13. Wrapping paper is a waste of money. Newspapers, comics or decorated paper grocery bags work just fine for wrapping presents.

14. Your garden is large and you may even have chickens. Why pay for something you can grow yourself?

15. Your friends may call you ‘cheap’, buy you know you are simply frugal and resourceful. Because if someone was in need, you would give them the shirt off your back to help.

Leave a comment and let me know if you are frugal too or if you have more ‘signs you are frugal’ to add!

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  • dave September 6, 2017, 10:19 am

    My brother is the king of frugal. He calculated you make $14 per hour picking up a penny. Every purchase is also made with a reward credit card that is paid off before interest kicks in.

  • Chri$$i November 18, 2018, 11:53 pm

    I grew up with Mom sneaking in snacks in movies, Hamburger Helper, Ramen, saving the meat grease in jars, Goodwill, hand me downs, orange clearance stickers, and almost never eating out 😂😂😂

  • Chuck July 26, 2020, 6:25 pm

    We wash and reuse freezer and storage bags if they have any kind of raw meat like hamburger chicken ECT then will throw them out and we make our own laundry soap and fabric softener

    • Nicole July 29, 2020, 9:30 pm

      Those are great ideas!


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