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Amazon First Reads June 2019 Selections!

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One awesome benefit of Amazon Prime is that every month Prime members get a FREE ebook from the Amazon First Reads selections. These books are available exclusively to Prime members before their official release date. As a Prime member, you can select one of the featured Amazon First Reads ebooks FREE every month – that’s 12 free ebooks a year!

You can read Kindle books on your PC or most devices with the free Kindle reading app. Stuck in a waiting room? Simply pull out your phone and catch up on your latest novel or magazine.Don’t miss our guide on how to get more free Kindle books.

Here are the June 2019 choices for Amazon First Reads (click book cover to read more & download on Amazon):

Domestic Suspense

Historical Fiction

Psychological Thriller

Biographical Fiction

Literary Fiction



World Literature

Which book did you pick this month? Leave a comment.

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  • Avid Reader June 5, 2019, 7:49 am

    Picked none of them! Generally, it’s a question of picking the least disliked one; they really are overhyped drivel. This month, June 2019, I picked none.

    I’m truly put off by the over-the-top, breathless, purple prose praising on Amazon in their so-called editor reviews! They are repetitive, juvenile, and always excessively complimentary as if this is the greatest work of fiction ever produced. They are so badly written, and so disingenuous, they are self-satirizing! It’s as if they hired writers from The Onion or SNL to write spoofs bool reviews!

    I’m also dismayed by the lack of nonfiction, comedy of manners, and light humor fiction selections each month. They’re rarely included and instead we have psychological thrillers, adventure thrillers, suspense, horror, and romance novels disguised as historical fiction. Yeech!

    I realize people’s taste differs, but Amazon certainly caters to a very narrow audience, favoring low brow, cheap fiction.

    For us, their inclusion as a FREE benefit is NO advantage to Prime membership.


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