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Ahh…the life of a Stay-At-Home Mom when the afternoon rolls around and your preschoolers ask you “Can we have a snack?” There’s the usual suspects around our house: veggies & dip, pretzels, various fruits (apples, oranges and bananas being the most popular), and popcorn.

But we sometimes mix things up and have something sweet – especially if I’ve recently made cookies or homemade creamsicles! Sweet is great, but I like serving sweet and healthy! Read More…


20 Amazing Appetizers!

I love appetizers! They are easy to make and taste delicious. They are great for parties, potlucks and sharing. Sometimes I just make two or three appetizers for dinner, because I can. From pinwheels to meatballs and dips, this is an amazing list of 20 of my favorite easy-to-make and yummy appetizers. Bacon! Bacon! Bacon Read more


Recipe – Ham & Swiss Pinwheels

Quick and easy.  Quick and easy.  Quick and easy.  That’s the theme of a lot of my dinners lately.  Blame it on my pregnancy.  Blame it on working full-time.  Blame it on 3 boys under the age of 4.  Whatever it is, quick and easy is a major theme in my kitchen. This recipe qualifies Read more


You can always tell when Lent is starting up because of all the seafood specials in this week’s ads!  I confess to not making many shrimp or fish meals at home.  And by “not many”, I mean none.  Take a husband who isn’t a seafood fan, add in a wife who isn’t too crazy about Read more


Favorite Holiday Recipe – Tortilla Roll Ups!

Just like the Ranch Snack Crackers, these guys are great at all kind of events that usually surround the holidays.  Maybe you’ve just eaten a big ham dinner the day before and want something small for lunch.  Maybe you’re looking for a simple appetizer for a New Year’s Eve party or even a Mexican Fiesta!  Read more


These little ranch snack crackers are great for bringing to a potluck or a football party. Maybe for the Day-After-Thanksgiving when you’re watching the Huskers play? Or, at your holiday table as an appetizer while the main dish is cooking? Or, New Year’s Eve when you’re ringing in the new year? I like them because Read more


Lots of meat is on sale this week – stock up those freezers! Main Dishes Chicken Tacos – We had these this week and I used the leftover chicken in a small pan of chicken and green chile enchiladas and for chicken nachos.  If I would have had more leftovers, I would’ve tried to make Read more