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DIY Dehydrated Apple Rings!

apple rehydration

Fall is my favorite time of year with leaves changing colors, pumpkin everything and apple picking season! This time of year, apples are falling from the trees and on sale at the grocery stores. If you are really lucky, you or your neighbor may even have an apple tree in the back yard.

If you want to stock up on apples at this incredible price, it’s very easy to dehydrate them, so you can enjoy delicious apple rings all winter. Continue Reading …


How to Dehydrate Bananas!

I love making dehydrated and shelf-stable fruit for quick snack or a healthy treat for on-the-go. Dehydrated bananas are so easy to make and taste delicious! This was the first food I ever dehydrated and now I make a batch every few months. Continue Reading…

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Easy DIY Dehydrated Pineapples!

Disclosure: Contains affiliate link. Read full disclosure policy here. Do you love pineapple? Ever find a great deal and want to buy several fresh pineapples, but are afraid they will go bad before you can use them all? I have a simple solution: dehydration! My kids absolutely love dried fruit and it’s a quick and Read more

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