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I didn’t win a billion dollars last week.  So, I guess I’ll still coupon and price match!  (Let’s be honest: I might do it even if I was a billionaire.  I like saving those dollars!)  Looking at the sales this week, here’s some ideas for your menu!

Main Dishes

  • Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry – With the broccoli on sale and the steak I have in the freezer, this is on our menu this week.  It’s not a “throw it together in 5 minutes” kind of meal, but we really like it. We use lots of ginger!
  • Beef Stew – With the weather getting warmer, it might be time to make this one last time!  With Baker’s having their roasts “Buy 1, Get 1 Free”, I’d pick up a couple for this stew or for Crockpot Balsamic Roast Beef.
  • Chili Dogs – with hot dogs and chili beans on sale at Bag N Save/No Frills, maybe this recipe is in your future!
  • Jambalaya – Pick up the smoked sausage on sale at Hy-Vee, add some rice, diced tomatoes and spices and you’re off with this spicy-as-you-want-to-make-it recipe!

Side Dishes

  • I love asparagus!  I roast it all the time and with it being on sale this week at Aldi, you can count that I’ll be making some.
  • Baked beans.  There are lots of recipes out there.  There’s this one from Taste of Home.  Or this one from Better Homes and Garden.  Can’t go wrong!

Last week, I said I wanted to try making brautwurst and Italian sausages in the oven.  So I did.  HOLY COW!  They were awesome.  Almost as good as being grilled, but very winter friendly!  I’ll definitely do that again!  It was a little taste of summer at the end of winter.  Here’s what I did:

Sausages In the Oven

Cooking sausages or brautwurst in the oven is a great alternative when a grill isn't available!


  • sausages or brautwurst


  1. Preheat the oven to 450.

  2. Place sausages on a roasting pan.

  3. Bake the sausages 15 to 20 minutes, turning 1/4 turn every 4-5 minutes.

  4. Test to make sure it's done after 15 minutes.

  5. When done, eat!

Jayme is a wife to 1 and, so far, a mother to two little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.

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