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How to Teach Kids to Manage Money

As parents it's our job to teach children life skills. Money seems to be one topic many families are reluctant to discuss openly, but it is so important and managing it is definitely a life skill. I was fortunate my parents owned a small business and 'shop talk' was a regular at the dinner table Continue Reading...

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10 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters!

I teach meal planning classes in Omaha and I hear so many parents who struggle meal planning for children who are picky eaters. They make a delicious homemade meal and the child refuses to eat it. This can be really frustrating when you are budgeting and meal planning and don't want to cook an extra Continue Reading...

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50 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Active!

Have you ever heard that play is a child's work? Play is how kids learn social skills, problem solving and use their imagination. Play that involves movement and activity is essential for kids to maintain healthy weights, build strength and develop their motor skills.

My kids would be happy to watch TV or play video games all day, but I make it a priority to be screen-free and active for at least 60 minutes a day. Some days my kids are happy to just play in the backyard, but other days they are simply bored. So here's a list of 50 fun activities you can do with your kids to keep them active! Read More...

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Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's off to school we go! Mom, pack my lunch, Thank you very much! I did the math and with three kids, I pack over 60 lunches every month. We definitely save money packing our own lunches, but we tend to get stuck in a rut of the same boring sandwich day after Continue Reading...

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Raising kids is awesome. They can make you laugh with their hilariousness. They can make you melt with their cuteness. They can inspire you with their kindness.

But raising kids is also really hard.

Between temper tantrums, the constant noise and mess, teaching them all the life skills they’ll need as adults, and continually wondering whether we’re screwing it all up… well, it can actually be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

If you’ve ever had conflicting feelings about parenting, I have something for you:

The Parenting Super Bundle.

It’s a collection of 35 eBooks, 23 printables, 10 eCourses, 9 workbooks, 2 audios, and 1 membership site, designed to help you:

Become a kinder, more intentional parent Choose consequences that are more effective Raise kids you actually (ahem!) like and want to hang out with Find healthy ways to release your frustration Eliminate the “gimmes” and teach them to serve others Plus, so much more! The combined value of the resources in the bundle is over $1,270, but you get EVERYTHING for 98% off! Read More...


Tips for Camping with Kids

I camped many times as a child, but this year was the first time taking my own kids camping. We had an amazing time and created lifelong memories. If you plan to camp with kids, here's are some tips to have a fun and safe camping trip with kids! If you plan to have a Continue Reading...

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Top Books for Middle Schoolers!

Disclosure: Contains affiliate link. All opinions are mine. Middle school can be a tough time to find things your child really loves to read (or at least admit to loving). These books will be on your child's wish list this school year and beyond. They'll love the engaging storylines, and you'll love the life lessons Continue Reading...

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