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One awesome benefit of Amazon Prime is that every month Prime members get a FREE ebook from the Amazon First Reads selections. These books are available exclusively to Prime members before their official release date. As a Prime member, you can select a featured Amazon First Reads ebooks FREE every month.

You can read Kindle books on your PC or most devices with the free Kindle reading app. Stuck in a waiting room? Simply pull out your phone and catch up on your latest novel or magazine. Don’t miss our guide on how to get more free Kindle books.

Not a Prime member? You can select one Amazon First Reads book for a special price of $1.99.

December Bonus: Choose any First Reads book and get another select Kindle ebook of your choice free. That’s two free ebooks for Prime members in December.

December 2023 Amazon First Read Choices

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True Crime

Historical Fiction

Police Procedural

Women’s Fiction

Military Science Fiction

Psychological Thriller


Crime Thriller

Short Read: Memoir

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