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Before I created a printable shopping list, I simply used a blank notebook page to make up my grocery lists.  I found that notebook paper lists were not very organized and I often missed essential things on my list. About six years ago, I created a shopping list specifically for couponing and ad matching to help me plan my weekly grocery trips. This list has been a lifesaver and makes shopping with coupons a breeze.

Today, I will share this amazing resource with you. Previously, I only offered this shopping list to coupon class attendees, but want to make this available to everyone now!

This shopping list is organized by categories, so you can grab everything you need from each grocery section in only one trip down each aisle. The less you wander the store, the more you save! Bonus, is this list helps you get in and out of the grocery store quickly. If you are shopping with children, you understand the importance of quick grocery trips.

The first column is where you list the items you need. The second column is to list coupons you have. Often, I have high value coupons and add the item to my list to check on prices. Or, I have several coupons for different brands of an item on my list I need that aren’t on sale that week, like cereal. As I plan my grocery trip, I pull all the cereal coupons I have and might use that trip. Then, I simply make a note of them in column two. With this system, I can easily determine which item is the best bargain with coupons while I shop. No more digging through my coupon organizer while shopping to search for money saving coupons.  The 3rd column is to add any ad match prices if you are shopping at a store that offers that additional savings.

Just click the link below for this free printable two-page shopping list designed specifically for couponers!

Shopping List for Couponers Printable Version


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