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Eggs.  Ham.  Veggies.  Cheese.  Yup, Easter’s this weekend!  Tis the best week for stocking up on those items – especially ham and cheese as they freeze really well!  See the list of what’s on sale here.

Main Dishes

  • Sweet Potato Stuffed Peppers – I admit that this recipe looks to be delicious, but out of my comfort zone!  But with sweet potatoes on sale at Aldi, this would be the week to try them!
  • Pineapple Brown Sugar Spiral Ham – Looks like a great recipe – and in a crockpot too!  You’re your limited oven space for other goodies!
  • Skillet Italian Sausage & Peppers – I’m putting this one on my “Must Try” list!  I’d probably simplify it a little bit to use my semi-homemade sauce, but this had me drooling!
  • Chicken Noodle Casserole – this uses the Cream of Chicken soups that Hy-Vee has on sale.  It really is comfort food at its best.
  • French Onion Burgers – We made cheeseburgers this past week and it reminded me of how good this recipe is.  In a skillet or big pan is a great way to make burgers indoors!

Pick up some strawberries?  I totally recommend Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  It can be a bit of work, but it’s very, very, very tasty!  I wish it traveled well because I’d definitely take it to my in-law’s house this weekend.

In need of an easy dessert?  With marshmallows and peanuts on sale at several places this week, make some fudge!  This is a very easy way to do it and a guaranteed crowd pleaser!  I didn’t have any peanuts the other day when I made this, so I used cashews.  Wonderful option as well!

Rocky Road Fudge

3 cups chocolate chips (about a bag and a half)
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup unsalted peanuts
1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows


1) Prepare an 8×8 or 9×9 baking dish by lining with foil.  An 8×8 dish is what I use, but a 9×9 would work too – you’ll just get “shorter” bars.

2) In a large pot, combine the chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and salt on low heat.  Melt the ingredients while stirring often.  Heat and stir until melted and smooth.

3) Stir in the marshmallows and peanuts.  It might get a little gritty, but keep stirring until smooth again.

4) Spread it out in the pan.  Refrigerate until cool.  Remove and cut into squares.  You can cut them as big as you want, but I often cut at least 30 pieces – it’s THAT rich!

Jayme is a wife to 1 and, so far, a mother to two little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.



I am really loving the Acts of Kindness challenge. I am amazed at the wonderful acts of kindness happening all over Omaha and even in Texas (by a former Omaha friend). The challenge was even featured by Jen Schneider on the Momaha blog!

An amazing thing happened this week! I was gifted an Act of Kindness bracelet from a stranger while I was in St Louis for a blogging conference. I was discussing the challenge I was doing on my website and he decided I deserved the bracelet. The idea is that you pass on the bracelet when you witness an Act of Kindness. I passed it on a few days later to a woman who is using coupons to make huge donations to the homeless shelters and people in need in Omaha. What a blessing!

acts of kindness bracelet
These last two weeks helped me realize that the small things are important. Even a tiny token of appreciation is recognized. Being kind does not cost much money and does not take much time. It’s just takes effort to recognize that there is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

This week, I’ve done lots of small acts of kindness, including writing a letter of appreciation to my husband, giving away coupons, buying a stranger coffee, plugging quarters in the ‘rented’ grocery carts at Aldi’s, watching my brother’s dog and volunteering an hour of my time to teach at Bellevue’s Parent University. Acts of kindness shared using the #AOKMomSavesMoney hashtag include babysitting for free, giving away coupons to customers at a retail store, donating markers and school supplies to the school, dropping off donations at a thrift store, participating in a food drive, leaving magazines in a break room and giving small gifts to coworkers. Everyone is so inspiring! Keep up the amazing work!

It’s not too late to join the Acts of Kindness challenge. Use hashtag #AOKMomSavesMoney on social media so we can see all the good you are doing and get some more ideas to Pay it Forward.

Are you participating in the Acts of Kindness challenge? Please leave a comment about the experience so far or some Acts of Kindness you have done.


$3.00 off any THREE Kellogg's Cereals

Print a $3.00/3 Kellogg’s cereal coupon from and pair it with Target Cartwheel 50% off Frosted Mini Wheats for a great deal! You can also use this deal toward the $10/$50 grocery coupon found in this week’s Target ad.

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, 18 oz $2.50 at Target (buy three for $7.50 total)
- 50% Cartwheel discount or $1.25 per box – expires 4/19/14
- $3/3 Kellogg’s cereal printable coupon
= $0.25 a box or $0.75/3

Note: Cartwheel can be used for up to 4 qualifying items per transaction.


Here are the grocery deals and loss leaders for the Omaha Metro area:

Note: All deals considered stock up prices after coupon and store savings will be highlighted in red. Here is a full list of stockpile prices.

***$10/$40 Aldi in-ad coupon, expires 4/30/14***
90% lean ground sirloin $3.99/lb
85% lean ground beef patties, 3 lb $8.99
Appleton Farms smoked ham-shank portion, 9-lb average weight $0.99/lb
Appleton Farms smoked ham-butt portion, 8-lb average weight $1.19/lb
Appleton Farms spiral sliced half ham, 8-lb average weight $1.69/lb
Specially selected spiral cut double glazed brown sugar ham, 9-lb average weight $1.89/lb
Butterball whole turkey $1.19/lb
Baby carrots, 16 oz bag $0.69
Celery stalk $0.69
Navel oranges $1.99/4-lb bag or $0.50/lb
Pineapple $1.29 each
Strawberries, 16 oz $1.29
Sweet potatoes $0.99/3-lb bag or $0.33/lb
Baker’s corner sugar, 4 lb, limit 6 $0.99
Beaumont coffee cups, 4.02-5.08 oz $4.99
Burman’s yellow mustard, 20 oz $0.89
Carlini vegetable oil, 48 oz $2.39
Cheese Club shells & cheese, 12 oz $1.29
Chef’s cupboard homestyle buttery or loaded mashed potatoes, 4 oz $0.79
Chef’s cupboard Au Gratin or scalloped potatoes, 4.7 oz $0.89
Clancy’s potato chips, 10-10.5 oz $1.49
Fit & Active fat free dressing, french style or thousand island 16 oz $1.39
Friendly Farms unsweetened almond milk, original or vanilla, 64 oz $2.49
Friendly Farms moo tubes, 18 oz $1.79
Friendly Farms milk, gallon, limit 6 $1.99
Goldhen eggs, grade A large dozen, limit 6 $0.88
Great gherkins, hamburger dill pickle chips, 32 oz $1.69
Hawaiian punch, sugar free singles, 0.75 oz $0.99
Kirkwood chicken breast nuggets, 29 oz $3.99
L’oven fresh, white bread 20 oz $0.89
L’oven fresh bagels, 20 oz $1.69
L’oven fresh white hot dog or hamburger buns, 12 oz $0.89
Mama Cozzi’s pizza kitchen, original, 20-22.7 oz $1.99
Nature’s Nectar frozen orange juice, 12 oz $1.29
Parkview hot dogs, 12 oz $0.75
Peanut butter, creamy, 18 oz $1.69
PurAqua 24-pack purified drinking water, 24 pack 16.9 oz bottles $2.29
Savoritz buttery round crackers, 15.1 oz $1.79
Sea Queen wild caught salmon fillets, 16 oz $3.99
Season’s Choice crinkle cut potatoes, 32 oz $1.79
Tuscan Garden croutons, caesar, seasoned or cheese garlic 5 oz $0.89

Kroger spiral sliced bone-in, smoked hams $1.69/lb
Jumbo Russet potatoes, 8-lb bag $3.99
Strawberries, 16 oz $1.28
Annie’s macaroni & cheese, 5.25-6 oz $1.00
Bakery Fruit pies, 8 inch $3.99
Boston Market meal, 13-16 oz $2.00
Colgate toothpaste 4.6 oz or toothbrush 1 ct $1.00 ($0.50 toothpaste coupon from 4/13/14 SS = as low as $0.50)
King’s Hawaiian rolls, 12 ct $2.79 ($1/2 coupon from 4/13/14 RP = $2.29 each)
Kleenex facial tissue, 50-160 ct $1.00 each when you buy three ($0.50/3 printable coupon or $0.30/3 from 3/16/14 SS = as low as $0.83 each)
Red Bull energy drinks, 8.4 oz $1.50
Smart Ones entree, 4.4-11.7 oz $2.00 ($5/12 printable coupon – must vote = $1.58 each)
Welch’s essentials 100% apple juice, 64 oz $1.88
Kroger alcohol swabs, 140 ct $1.00
Kroger cottage cheese or sour cream, 24 oz $1.99
Kroger glucose tabs, 10 ct $1.00
Kroger lancets, 100 ct $1.00
Kroger syringes, 100 ct or pen noodles 100 ct $10.00
Simple Truth almondmilk or organic soymilk, half gallon $2.50

Farmland boneless ham, 4 lb $6.99
Our Family shank portion ham $0.99/lb
Tyson deli whole chicken $5.49 each
Asparagus $1.68/lb
7Up or Dr Pepper 12 pk cans or 8 pk 12 oz bottles 4/$8.88 (with purchase of four)
Aim or Pepsodent toothpaste, 6 oz $0.79
Betty Crocker specialty potatoes, 4.6-6.6 oz $0.99 ($0.50/2 printable coupon = $0.74 each)
Campbell’s gravy, 10.25-10.5 oz $0.79
Daisy sour cream, 16 oz $1.48
Edy’s ice cream 48 oz $2.25
Green Giant frozen vegetables, 12 oz $1.25
Hiland half & half, 32 oz $1.89
Mr Dell’s hasbrowns, 24-30 oz $1.50
Nestle toll house morsels, 10.5-12 oz $2.29 ($0.75/2 coupon from 4/6/14 SS = $1.91 each)
Pepsi products, 2 liter bottle 4/$4.00 (with purchase of four)
Pillsbury brownie mix, 18.4 oz $0.99
Rockstar or Amp, 16 oz $1.25
Simply potatoes mashed potatoes, 20-24 oz $2.50
Suave shampoo or conditioner, 12 oz $0.88 ($1 coupon from All You April ’14 or May ’14 issue = FREE, Note their coupon policy is to not accept coupons over the value of the item, so this will need to be price matched at another store)
Village Hearth honey wheat or whole grain white bread, 20 oz $1.67 ($0.55 printable coupon = $1.12)
Xtra detergent, 75 oz $1.99
Our Family canned vegetables, 14.5-15.25 oz, limit 24 3/$1.00
Our Family cereal, 11-15 oz $1.69
Our Family chunk light tuna, 5 oz $0.68
Our Family Greek yogurt, 6 oz $0.88
Frozen Festive turkey breast $0.99/lb (Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun Only)

***Bag’N Save & No Frills Supermarkets Deal***
Buy 5 mix and match participating items, save $5 instantly. Participating items include (price listed is after discount):
Capri Sun drinks, 10 pk $0.99
Claussen pickles, 20-32 oz $1.99 ($0.55 printable coupon = $1.44)
Crystal Light drink enhancer, 1.62 oz $1.79 ($1 printable coupon or from 3/16/14 SS = $0.79)
Kraft American singles 10.7-12 oz $1.48
Kraft Gevalia pods 12 ct or ground coffee 12 oz $4.99
Kraft mayo or miracle whip, 22-30 oz $1.99
Kraft salad dressing, 14-16 oz $0.99 ($0.75/2 coupon from 4/13/14 SS for 15.8-16 oz only = as low as $0.61 each)
Kraft shredded or chunk cheese, 5-8 oz $1.25
Kraft string cheese, 9-12 oz $2.99
Mio drink enhancer, 1.62 oz $1.79
Oscar Mayer bacon, 12-16 oz $4.49
Oscar Mayer deli fresh lunch meat, 7-9 oz $2.49 ($1/2 printable coupon or from 4/6/14 SS = $1.99 each)
Maxwell house coffee, 28-36.8 oz $5.99 ($0.50 coupon from 4/13/14 SS = $5.49)
Planters mixed nuts or cashews, 8-10.3 oz $2.49 ($1/2 coupon from 4/13/14 SS = $1.99 each)

Boneless rump roast $3.49/lb
Boneless seasoned pork shoulder roast $2.88/lb
Bananas $0.48/lb
Dole classic salad 12 oz, shredded lettuce 8 oz or classic cole slaw 14 oz $0.99
Green beans $0.79/lb
Granny Smith, Jonagold or Red Delicious apples $0.99/lb
Red radishes, 1 lb bag $0.99
Seedless watermelon $3.98 each
Whole white mushrooms, 8 oz $0.99
7UP products, 2 liter bottles, limit 8 $0.79
Kraft marshmallows, 10 oz bag $0.99
Land O Lakes sour cream 16 oz $1.29 ($0.50 coupon from 4/13/14 SS = $0.79)
Lay’s potato chips, 9-13 oz, excludes kettle and baked $1.77
Maxwell house coffee, 28-30.6 oz $4.99 ($0.50 coupon from 4/13/14 SS = $4.49)
Nabisco chips ahoy, 10-13 oz $1.99
Nabisco Ritz or snack crackers, 9-16 oz box $1.88 ($1 Triscuit coupon from 4/13/14 SS or printable here, $1/2 Wheat Thins from 4/6/14 SS = as low as $0.88)
Pepperidge Farms goldfish $1.67
Reser’s salads, potato, mustard potato, macaroni, cole slaw, 15-16 oz $1.25
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, 18 oz bottle $0.99 ($1/2 printable coupon = $0.49 each)
Fareway potato chips, 8 oz $1.33
Fareway vegetables, 16 oz, excludes steamers $0.88

Cook’s bone-in ham $1.69/lb
Ember Farms ground sausage, 12 oz roll or 8 oz links $1.50 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Farmland boneless whole ham $1.69/lb
Dole salad blends or caesar kit, 5-12 oz $2.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Dole vegetables, 12 oz $2.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Green onions $0.50/bunch
Red radishes, 16 oz $1.28 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Birds Eye frozen vegetables, 10-16 oz $0.59
Bush’s Best baked or grillin’ beans, 21-28 oz $1.28
Campbell’s condensed cream soups, mushroom or chicken 10.75 oz $0.48 ($0.40/3 printable coupon = $0.35 each)
Chicken of the Sea tuna or salmon pouch, 2.5-5 oz $1.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Coke products, 12 pk cans or 8 pk 12 oz bottles, limit 4 4/$9.88 (with in-ad coupon)
Cool Whip whipping topping, 8 oz, limit 1 $0.59
Jet-puffed marshmallows or marshmallows creme, 7-10 oz $1.18 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Knorr’s sides, 3.8-6.4 oz $1.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Lawry’s marinade, 12 oz $1.25 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Old Spice antiperpspirant or deodorant, 1.6-2.25 oz $1.68 ($2/2 coupon from 3/30/14 P&G = $0.68 each)
Ore-Ida potatoes, 19-32 oz $1.99
Ortega taco sauce, 8 oz $1.67 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $0.50/2 coupon from 1/19/14 SS = $1.17 each)
Palermo’s pizza, 12.5-14.6 oz $2.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/2 printable coupon = $1.50 each)
Pepperidge Farm farmhouse bread, 24 oz $2.50
Pepsi products, 2 liter bottle $1.00
Planter’s flavored peanuts, 6 oz $1.77 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/2 coupon from 4/13/14 SS = $1.27 each)
Reames homestyle egg noodles, 16 oz $2.69 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver, $0.50 printable coupon = $2.19)
Simply Potatoes, 20 oz $2.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $0.50 hash brown coupon from 4/13/14 SS = as low as $1.50)
Sparking ICE water, 17 oz $1.00 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Swanson broth or stock, 32 oz $1.99 ($0.40/2 coupon from 4/6/14 SS = $1.79 each)
Hy-Vee all purpose flour, bleached or unbleached, 5 lb bag $1.68
Hy-Vee apple sauce, 46 or 48 oz $2.50 (+$0.03/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee broth, 14.5 oz $0.50
Hy-Vee butter, 16 oz, limit 1 $1.48
Hy-Vee cole slaw mix, 16 oz $1.29 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee dinner rolls, 12 ct white or wheat $1.50
Hy-Vee evaporated milk, regular or fat free 12 oz $0.88
Hy-Vee forks, spoons or combo 24 ct $1.25 (+$0.03/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee ice cream, 4.25 liter pail $4.98
Hy-Vee macaroni & cheese cups, 2.05-2.39 oz $0.80 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee maraschino cheeries, 10 oz $1.28
Hy-Vee hard taco shells, 12 ct $1.25 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee pie crusts, 2 ct $2.28 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee pretzels, 10-15 oz $1.50 (+$0.01=2/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee simply light drink mix, 10 ct to go or makes 12 quart $1.67 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee tomato ketchup, 24 oz $0.88
Hy-Vee white bread dough, 2 lb $1.88 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee white dinner rolls, 12 ct $1.33 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee vegetables, 14.5-15.25 oz, limit 6 $0.29
Midwest Country Fare graham cracker pie crust, 6 oz $1.28 (+$0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Midwest Country Fare laundry detergent, 45.4 oz $1.88 (+$0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Midwest Country Fare sugar, limit 2, 4 lb $0.99

Best Choice smoked bacon, 16 oz $2.87
Whole leg of lamb, semi-boneless $5.97/lb
Cantaloupe $1.33 each
Fresh Express salad mix, baby spinach 6 oz, veggie spring 7 oz, veggie lovers 12 oz, sweet & crunchy 5 oz or farmer’s garden 9 oz $2.00
Red seedless grapes $1.77/lb
Barrel O’Fun potato chips, 10 oz, limit 4 $1.47
Betty Crocker angel food cake mix, 16 oz $1.48
Betty Crocker cake mix, 15.25 oz $0.95
Betty Crocker frosting, 12-16 oz $1.48
Coca-Cola products, 24 pack cans, limit 2 $4.98
Del Monte pineapple, 15.25-15.5 oz cans $0.78
Jell-O gelatin, strawberry, cherry, orange or lime or pudding chocolate or vanilla, 3.-3.9 oz $0.47
Marie Callendar’s fruit or cream pies, 28-45 oz $3.98 ($1 coupon from 4/6/14 SS = $2.98)
Mrs Paul’s breaded fish, 18.1-24.6 oz $3.87 ( $1 printable coupon = $2.87)
Oroweat bread, 100% whole wheat, health nut, 12 grain or oat nut, 24 oz $2.48
Pan O Gold brown ‘n serve dinner rolls, white or wheat, 12 ct $0.98
Pillsbury Grand’s biscuits, 16.3-17.3 oz $0.98 ($0.40/3 printable coupon, $0.50/3 printable coupon , $0.30/2 coupon from 3/9/14 SS or 4/13/14 SS = as low as $0.81 each)
Powerade, 32 oz $0.64
Stove Top stuffing mix, 6 oz $0.98
Van de Kamp’s breaded fish, 18.1-24.6 oz $3.87 ($1 printable coupon or 3/16/14 SS = $2.87)
Westpac frozen vegetables, 14-16 oz $0.78
Best choice canned vegetables, 14.5-15.25 oz, whole or cream corn, pean, cut or french style green beans, limit 12 3/$1.00
Best Choice cream cheese, 8 oz brick $0.88

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