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Note: I was not paid to write this post, but I did receive the product for free.  All opinions are Jayme’s though!

About a month ago, my son got lost for the first time.  He’s 2 years old and quite the adventurer at times.  We were at church after service, talking with another family, when I saw him run off.  I was able to follow him, but he made a turn.  Once I made that same turn, I couldn’t find him.  There were lots of places that he could’ve gone to – up a staircase, into the sanctuary, into a few different Sunday School rooms or even the church library.  I panicked, of course, went back and got my husband and friends and we all started looking.  Some other friends of ours saw Finn and held him and started looking for us.  Once we found each other, I was so relieved!

As I started processing the event, in the car on the way home, I realized that the situation could have been much worse.  As big as our church is, it was still a confined place and it would’ve been hard for him to make it outdoors without us.  And because of how our church does Sunday School, Finn had a sticker on the back of his shirt with his name, our name and our phone numbers.  It would’ve been really easy for someone to find him and they’d be able to reach us.  This would’ve been a totally different situation had we been at the zoo or some where much more public.

That’s when I realized that I ordered the wrong thing from Kidecals.  I had gotten contacted shortly before then to do a Product Review, but I ordered labels for my kitchen.  And as cool as they are (and they are cool), it was that I-lost-my-son-in-public scenario that made me realize how much more valuable to me, some of their other products would have been.

kidecals review

Kidecals make “stickers” that are re-usable, water friendly and completely customizable.  One of their main lines is “stickers” for kids that they can use to label things that they take to school or daycare.  Many of them have a place for a phone number – and that’s what made me thing “I really need to order some that have my phone number on them” – something like this maybe.  That way I can stick them on my boys when we go some place public, then when we come home, put them back on the sheet and I can use them next time.

Of course, those aren’t the ones that I ordered – but the ones that I ordered are pretty cool.  I customized one for kitchen stuff, thinking that they’d be perfect to take to potlucks or relatives house as a way of marking my dishes.  Or for an extra “flair” when dropping off freezer meals for people.  And they are great for that!  I just think the kid labels are extra cool!

Want some Kidecals of your own?  Use the ilovelabels code to get 15% off and shipping is always free! What Kidecals labels would you order?

Jayme is a wife to 1 and, so far, a mother to two little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.


Note: All deals considered stock up prices after coupon and store savings will be highlighted in red. Here is a full list of stockpile prices.

P&G = Proctor & Gamble insert
SS = Smartsource insert
RP = RedPlum insert

omaha grocery deals


Acorn squash $0.69 each
Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith apples, 3 lb $1.89 or $0.63/lb
Pineapples $1.29 each
Pomegranates $0.59 each
Red grapes, 2 lb pack $1.78 or $0.89/lb
Baker’s corner graham cracker pie crust, 6 oz $1.25
Baker’s corner marshmallow creme, 7 oz $0.89
Baker’s corner granulated sugar, 4 lb, limit 6 $1.49
Baker’s corner all purpose flour, 5 lb, limit 6 $1.29
Goldhen eggs, Grade A large, dozen $1.49
LIveGfree gluten free rice pasta and cheddar, 6 oz $1.19
Reggano wide egg noodles, 16 oz $1.25

Land O Frost shaved meats, 9 oz $1.99
Green cabbage $0.59/lb
Act II microwave popcorn, 3 pack $1.00
Armour fully cooked meatballs, 14 oz $2.99
Armour lunch makers, 2.3-2.6 oz $0.99
Bar S corn dogs, 3 lb $4.99
Betty Crocker helper meals, 4.3-9.2 oz $0.88 ($0.75/3 coupon from 10/5/14 SS, $0.80/4 printable coupon, here, here or here = as low as $0.73 each)
Bush’s Best chili beans, 15-16 oz $0.85 ($1/3 coupon from 10/12/14 SS = $0.52 each)
Hawaiian PUnch, 128 oz $1.98
Michelina’s entrees, 5.5-9 oz $1.00 ($1/5 printable coupon = $0.80 each)
Old Orchard frozen 100% juice, 12 oz $1.33 ($1/4 printable coupon = $1.08 each)
Pepsi 2 liter bottle $1.00
Purex laundry detergent, 43.5-50 oz or 18 ct $2.49
Silk almond, soy or coconut milk, 64 oz $2.49 ($1 printable coupon or here = $1.49)
Totino’s party pizza, 9.8-10.8 oz $1.25 ($1.10/4 printable coupon or here or here = $0.98 each)
Yoplait Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz $0.91 ($1/5 coupon from 9/21/14 SS = $0.71 each)
Our Family apple juice, 64 oz $1.49

***Bag’N Save & No Frills 4-Day Sale – Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun Only***
Florida’s Naturals orange juice, 59 oz $2.48
Knorr side dishes, 4.3-5.7 oz $0.79
T-bone steak $5.99/lb
Porterhouse steak $6.99/lb

73% ground beef, sold in 5 lb tube $2.79/lb
Aqua star pacific salmon filets, 1.25 lb bag $5.99
Bar S franks or bologna, 16 oz $1.00
Boneless pork sirloin roast, sold whole in bag $1.69
Eckrich smoked sausage, 14 oz $2.50 ($1 coupon from 10/12/14 RP = $1.50)
Heritage FArms chicken leg quarters, sold in 10 lb bag $0.49/lb
Pork spare ribs $1.59/lb
Wild caught snow crab clusters $6.99/lb
Broccoli crowns $0.99/lb
Colorado Russet potatoes, 5 lb bag $0.99
Gala apples, 5 lb bag $3.99
Organic kale $0.99 bunch
Organic whole carrots, 2 lb bag $1.48
Roma tomatoes $0.99/lb
Big K soda, 2 liter $0.67 each when you buy 4
Freschetta or Red baron pizza, 14.54-30.88 oz $3.99 ($0.75 Freschetta printable coupon, $1/2 Red Baron printable coupon or from 10/5/14 SS = as low as $3.24)
Haagen-Dazs ice cream, 3.6 oz cup $1.00
OceanSpray craisans, 5 oz $1.00
Oral-B healthy clean toothbrush 1 ct $1.00 (Buy One, get one free coupon from 9/28/14 RP or $0.50 printable coupon = $0.50 each)
Oral-B mint floss picks, 30 ct $1.00
Rotella bread or Dillon’s bread 24 oz or 8 ct buns $1.00
Tombstone pizza, 16-27.7 oz $2.25
Kroger chicken breast, 5 oz can $1.00
Kroger cinnamon or crescent rolls or jumbo biscuits, 8 ct $1.00
Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dip, 16 oz $1.33
Kroger cream cheese, 8 oz $1.00
Kroger deluxe ice cream, 16 oz $1.00
Kroger Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz $0.79
Kroger instant oatmeal, 10-12 ct $1.50
Kroger water, 24 pack 16.9 oz bottles $2.50

***Baker’s Only Deal***
Buy 3 mix and match participating items, get Free Simple Truth cage eggs, brown or white, 12 ct FREE. Participating products include:
Kashi entrees & waffles, 9-10.1 oz $2.99
Kashi pizza, 5.2-5.6 oz $2.99
Kashi GoLean cereal, 13.1-14 oz $2.99 ($0.75 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $2.24)
Kashi snack bars, 6-12 ct $2.99 ($0.75 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $2.24)
Silk almond, soy or coconut milk, 1/2 gallon $2.99 ($1 printable coupon or here = $1.99)

80% ground beef, sold in 10 lb tubes, limit 2 $2.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Boneless New York strip, whole 11-14 lb average weight, limit 2 loins $5.99/lb (with in-ad coupon)
Boneless pork ribs $1.99/lb
Boneless pork shoulder roast $1.99/lb
Farmland pork sausage link or roll, 8-12 oz $1.25
Dole ready to eat baby carrots, 1 lb bg $0.88
Rio Star red grapefruit $0.44
Russet potatoes, 15 lb bag $2.99
7Up brand products, regular or diet, 2 liter bottles $0.98
Azteca flour tortillas, 8.5 oz package $0.99
Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix, 10.25 oz pouch $0.90
Betty Crocker muffin mix, blueberry, chocolate chip or triple berry, 6.5 oz pouch $0.90
Bisquik, 20 oz box $1.79 ($0.50 printable coupon, here, here or here = $1.29)
Duncan Hines cake mix, 16.5-18.25 oz $0.99
Duncan Hines ready to spread frosting, 14 oz $1.50
Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce, 23.5-24 oz jar $1.33
Keebler E.L. Fudge or Fudge Shope cookies, 6.6-15 oz $1.97 ($0.75 coupon with 500 points or $1.50 coupon with 1,000 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points = as low as $0.47)
Keebler Townhouse original, pretzels, flatbread or pita crackers, 9.5-13.8 oz $1.97 ($0.75 coupon with 500 points or $1.50 coupon with 1,000 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points = as low as $0.47)
Kellogg’s pop tarts, 6-8 ct box $1.67 ($0.75 coupon with 500 points or $1.50 coupon with 1,000 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points = as low as $0.17)
Malt O Meal frosted mini spooners, original, strawberry or blueberry, 12-13 oz $0.50
Mrs Clark’s 100% apple juice, 64 oz bottle, limit 2 $0.99
Naked juice, 15.2 oz bottle $1.99 ($1 printable coupon = $0.99)
Ore-Ida potatoes, hashbrowns, tater tots, french fires, wedges or sweet potato fries, 19-30 oz, limit 2 $1.98
Pearls to go olives, black, black sliced or green, 4 pack, limit 1 $0.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Pillsbury Grands! biscuits, 16-16.3 oz, excludes cinnamon rolls $1.25 ($0.40/3 printable coupon, here , here or here, $0.30/2 coupon from 9/21/14 SS, 10/5/14 SS or 10/12/14 SS = as low as $1.10 each)
Purina Tidy Cats cat litter, instant action or 24/7, 20 lb $2.99 ($1 coupon from 7/27/14 RP = $1.99)
Swiss Miss hot chocolate, milk chocolate or marshmallow, 10 ct box $0.99
Wholly Guacamole, original or homestyle $1.50 ($1 printable coupon or here or here = $0.50)
Wolf Brand chili with beans, original, spicy or homestyle, 15 oz can $1.50 ($0.40 coupon from 9/21/14 SS = $1.10)
Fareway beans, dark red kidney, chili, black, refried or fat free refried, 15-16 oz can $0.70
Fareway ice cream or sherbert, 1.75 quart $1.88
Fareway pasta, excludes lasagna, 12-16 oz $0.90
Fareway pumpkin, 15 oz can $0.97
Fareway 100% pure orange juice, 1/2 gallon $1.48
Fareway side dishes, pasta or rice & sauce, 4.3-4.8 oz $0.70
Fareway white bread, 20 oz loaf $0.98

85% lean Honeysuckle white ground turkey, 16 oz $2.99
Chicken drumsticks or thighs, value pack $0.88/lb
Jamestown brand sliced bacon, 16 oz $1.99
Whole bone-in pork loin, 20-23 lb average $1.79/lb ($0.01/gallon/lb Fuel Saver)
Dole greener selection, just lettuce, classic romaine or spinach, 8-12 oz $1.67
Honeycrisp apples $1.48/lb
Kiwi $0.33
7Up products, 12 pack cans, limit 3 $3.00 (3/$9.00 with in-ad coupon)
Angel soft bath tissue, 12 double, 8 triple or 24 regular rolls $4.98 ($0.55 printable coupon = $4.43)
Baking stone french bread, original or 2 ct $2.89 ($0.10/gallon Fuel Saver)
Banquet meals, 3.2-10.25 oz $0.69
Birds Eye vegetables, 10-16 oz frozen $0.77
Campbell’s chunky soup, 15.25-19 oz $1.50 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/3 coupon from 10/5/14 SS, $1/4 coupon from 9/7/4SS, $0.50/3 printable coupon, $0.50/2 printable coupon = as low as $1.17 each)
Chicken of the Sea salmon or tuna, 2.5-5 oz $1.00
Classics by Palermo’s pizza, 11-13.45 oz $1.67 ($1/2 printable coupon = $1.17 each)
Friskies cat food, 5.5 oz can $0.50 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/24 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $0.46 each)
Hershey’s snack size candy, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Almond Joy or hershey’s milk chocolate, 10.35-11.3 oz, limit 2 $1.99 (with in-ad coupon, $1.10/2 printable coupon = $1.44 each)
Jell-O gelatin, pudding or Kool-Aid gelatin, .3-3.9 oz $0.79 (Buy two, get one free with in-ad coupon, $1 off Kool-Whip wyb 2 Jell-O puddings printable coupon = $0.53 each)
Little Debbies snacks, Swiss rolls 13 oz, nutty bars 12 oz, oatmeal creme pies 16.2 oz, cosmic brownies 13.1 oz or honey buns 10.6 oz $1.25 ($5 SavingStar credit when you spend $20)
Yoplait yogurt, 4 or 6 oz $0.39 ($0.40/6 coupon from 9/21/14 SS, $0.40/6 SavingStar credit = $0.26 each after SavingStar credit)
Zatarain’s rice, 6-6.9 zo $1.00
Hy-Vee baking chips, 10-12 oz, limit 2 $0.99
Hy-Vee fruit snacks, 4.8 oz $1.00 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee ice cream, 1.75 square quart $1.99
Hy-Vee kidney beans, 15 oz $0.50
Hy-Vee salad dressing, 16 oz $1.67 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee sour cream, regular or light 8 oz $0.88
Hy-Vee tea, 59 oz $1.88 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Midwest Country Fare cottage cheese, 1% or 4%, 24 oz $2.49 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Midwest Country Fare light brown or powdered sugar, 2 lb $1.48

93% lean ground beef, sold in 10 lb roll $3.77
Wholey imitation crab meat, flake style, 2.5 lb $3.77
Green peppers $0.50
Pears, bartlett, anjou or bosc $0.77/lb
Phillips Farms sliced mushrooms, 8 oz $1.28
Yellow onions, 3 lb bag $0.96
Crystal Farms cheese, shredded or chunks, 6-8 oz $1.50
Del Monte crushed pineapple, 15.25 oz $0.88
Del Monte vegetables, whole or cream corn, cut or french green beans, peas, 14.5-15.25 oz can $0.50
Folgers country roast coffee, 34.5 oz $5.48 ($0.25 coupon from 9/28/14 RP = $5.23)
Frito Lay fritos, cheetos or tostitos cantina snacks, 8-12 oz $1.50
Jiffy pizza crust, 6.5 oz $0.50
Kraft mayo or miracle whip, original 30 oz, limit 2 $1.98 ($0.75 mayo printable coupon = $1.23)
Land O Lakes milk, gallon, Skim, 1%, 2% or Vit D, limit 2 $2.78
Mama Mary’s pizza crust, 2 ct $2.98 ($1 printable coupon = $1.98)
Nature’s Harvest bread, butter bread, honey wheat, stone ground or butter top, 20 oz $1.58
Pepsi products, 24 pack cans $6.48 ($1 on-pack coupons = $5.48)
Pillsbury pizza crust or breadsticks, 11-13.8 oz $1.83
Sorrisos gourmet pizza sauce, 15.5 oz $1.36
Velveeta loaf, 2 lb $5.98
Best Choice crushed red pepper, 1.75 oz $0.88
Best Choice frozen vegetables, 16 oz $0.73
Best Choice mushrooms pieces & stems, 4 oz $0.50
Best Choice Texas toast, garlic bread or breadsticks, 10.5 oz $1.48
Best Choice yogurt, 6 oz $0.33


Disclosure: Complimentary tickets provided. However, all opinions expressed are mine.

Are you a fan of haunted houses, spooky mazes and frightening scare zones? If you love the thrill of Halloween and all the spooks that come out at night, Worlds of Fun Kansas City Halloween Haunt is the place to visit. For one admission price you get access to seven scary haunted houses and horrifying mazes, including CornStalkers and Asylum Island, and three scare zones. I visited this house of horrors Saturday night with my husband and Lisa and Tim for The Walking Tourists and it was terrifying!

worlds of fun halloween haunt

When the sun goes down, fog filters through the park, spooky music starts to play and creatures are at every corner all leading up to the Overlord’s Awakening. Watch the live show as the Overlord summons his 400 monsters for the night to haunt Worlds of Fun. This parade of monsters is frightening because these are the creatures that will be lurking in the corners of the haunted attractions. The costumes and makeup of the monsters is meticulous and very realistic. There is a mix of sexy, scary and downright disgusting. Something to scare everyone!

Make sure to check out Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem included free with admission. I remember Ed Alonzo from his role as Max in the Magician in the original ‘Saved by the Bell’. I was very impressed with his elaborate magic tricks and the raunchy humor. One trick he even transported a live duck to a bucket 25 feet away! I still have no idea how he managed that feat. This is a must see show if you visit Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt!

Worlds of Fun Haunt Photo credit (far right picture): The Walking Tourists

Halloween Haunt 2014 will run Friday and Saturday nights through November 1. Check online events and promotions for discount tickets, including Friday night military and college ID discounts.

I will warn you that the lines for the haunted houses and scare zones are very long with an hour wait at most of them. If you really want to see all that Halloween Haunt offers I would advise spending the extra money for a Fright Lane pass that puts you at the front of the line for all the scary attractions. When you compare how many haunted houses and scare zones you get to see in one place versus the cost for just one haunted house admission at other attractions the cost for Worlds of Fun is reasonable. Plus, all the regular Worlds of Fun rides are still running during the Haunt, only they are scarier with the fog and spooky music.

Note: Halloween Haunt and Ed Alonzo’s evening shows are for a mature audience. They are very scary and contain adult content and costumes. If you take your young kids on a Haunt night make sure to leave the park BEFORE the sun goes down. Worlds of Fun does have daytime scare-free Halloween events and a kid-friendly Ed Alonzo magic show.

Have you visited Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt? Do you enjoy haunted houses?


Disclosure: Compensation provided. However, all opinions expressed are mine.

I am happy to announce that Mayor Jean Stothert has announced October 19-25 as the second annual Omaha Family Dining Week. This is a week dedicated to cooking and eating together as a family at home! Keep the electronics turned off at the dinner table and enjoy some old fashioned food and enlightening conversations.


Top 5 Reasons to Take the Family Dining Pledge & Eat at Home:

1. Save Money – In my experience a solid meal plan that works around your schedule takes much less time and money versus eating out. Live Well Omaha says that on average, eating three meals a week in, versus eating out, saves a family of four $2,000 a year.

2. Great Conversations - Here’s a fun conversation starter: ask your kids to describe the best and worst parts of their day. When I ask this question at dinner, the answers always surprise me. Sometimes, I forget that the little things, like getting a homemade treat in their lunch, are really important to a kid and can become the best part of their day.

3. Teach Kid’s Responsibility – Someday the kids will grow up and move out on their own, which means they are now in charge of their own grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Involve them in the kitchen now to teach these valuable life skills young that will benefit them their entire life.

4. Eat Healthier Foods - Cooking your own meals is much healthier than fast food fried alternatives. When you cook at home, you control the ingredients (excellent way to avoid allergens), know how your food was handled and can exercise portion control.

5. Quality Time with Your Family – The most important thing about Taking the Family Dining Pledge is spending quality time with your family. When you work as a team to create a meal plan, prep dinners and clean up you create a cohesive family unit. Sitting down together for meals is a time when you can unwind, unplug and really connect through conversation and good food.

So, let’s get cooking! Here is an easy meal plan based on the Omaha sale items this week and check out more meal planning tips and events from Live Well Omaha.

Ready to take the Live Well Omaha Family Dining Pledge? Simply fill out this quick Family Dining Pledge form and be entered to win a $15 Hy-Vee gift card!

Note: Taking the Pledge does not mean you have to commit to make every meal at home, it justs means you make an effort to make more of those meals at home with your family.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out these other local bloggers also giving away a $15 Hy-Vee gift card during Family Dining Week.
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Disclosure: Contains affiliate link.

Check out the Chiquita Cooking Lab Recipe Contest for a chance to win $4,000 each week!

Here’s how it works:

1. Scratch off the ticket to see list of given ingredients for your recipe. You have until Sunday to submit a VALID recipe including the given ingredients.

2. New ingredients and new contest each week! Enter weekly through November 24, 2014.

Enjoy this fun contest and good luck!

Not available in the following states: North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Idaho and Utah


My office is having a tailgate-themed potluck party next week and I’m torn on what to bring.  Salty?  Sweet?  Main dish?  Appetizer?  The “problem” with potlucks is that if everyone makes a big batch of something, you end up with gigantic amounts of food!  I guess that’s a good problem to have.  Once I figure out what to bring though, it’s off to the store, using Nicole’s full list of what’s on sale this week!

Main Dishes

  • Pizza – Aldi’s is just daring you to make a pizza with the yummy stuff they have on sale – mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato sauce.  Don’t mind if I do!
  • Chili & Baked Potatoes – Fareway has both potatoes and chili on sale – a super easy meal is to bake the potatoes, add chili and cheese!  Got a vegetarian?  Skip the chili and do broccoli!
  • Roasted Chicken – I don’t often (okay, like once a year, maybe) roast a whole chicken, but when I do, I love the results.  Depending on your family size, you can have the chicken for 1 meal, pull off any leftover chicken meat and use it again in a soup or maybe chicken salad.  I’ve had great luck with Pioneer Woman’s recipe.
  • Baked Penne – Hy-Vee has their pasta on sale.  You can make this casserole with either Italian sausage or regular ground beef.
  • Chicken, Cheddar & Broccoli Braid – I haven’t made this yet, but it’s on my “MUST MAKE SOON” list because it looks easy to make, but impressive to serve.

One of my favorite things to order at restaurants is potato skins.  Which is strange because they aren’t hard to make, but they do take some time – mostly time waiting for the potatoes to bake.  Want to make some yourself?  Do this!


Quick & Easy Baked (Not Fried!) Potato Skins

Potatoes (like russet)
Cheese (like cheddar)
Bacon (either fried yourself or cheat and use bacon bits)
Green onions (optional)
Sour cream (optional for some people; required for me)

1. Using a fork, poke holes in clean, but dry potatoes.  Do as many as you want.  If you want to get fancy, lightly cover the potatoes with olive oil and sea salt before baking.  But that’s a fancy step.
2. Bake potatoes.  Bake for about an hour at 400 degrees.
3. Take the potatoes out of the oven and cut in half horizontally (so they look like a boat).  They’ll be HOT, so I usually hold them with a towel as I slice them.
4. Scoop out the potato pulp.  Leave some in, but take most of it out.  You can use the “leftover” potato for other purposes – mashed potatoes, potato soup, skinless baked potatoes, whatever you want.
5. Put some cheese in the potato boat.
6. Put some bacon and green onions (if using) in potato boat.
7. Place on a cookie sheet.
8. Bake for another 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted.
9. Take out of the oven.  Put on a plate.  Smother with sour cream and moan over how good it tastes.

Jayme is a wife to 1 and, so far, a mother to two little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.


Disclosure: Compensation and prize provided for this review. However, all opinions expressed are mine.

I was so excited to enjoy a Ruby Tuesday lunch date with my husband. With three small kids we don’t eat out much and a good restaurant meal is always a nice treat. When we sat down, we were pleasantly greeted with a friendly server and some delicious warm rolls. I ordered their new salad bar and Chicken Bella entree. My husband enjoyed a black & blue bacon pretzel burger and we shared the White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. The cheesecake was a slice of heaven and tasted just like a cherry cordial candy!

I was very pleased with Ruby Tuesday’s new Garden Bar with over 30 ingredients, including spring mix, crisp vegetables, premium cheese and amazing croutons. My personal favorite from the Garden Bar was their homemade broccoli salad and apple salad. The prices are very competitive and you can enjoy an endless Garden Bar lunch Monday through Friday for only $7.99. The new Garden Bar allows you to eat healthy on a budget! I even used a coupon from a recent SmartSource insert and saved $5.00 off our bill.

Ruby Tuesday

Speaking of great deals, you can sign up for the Ruby Tuesday So Connected birthday club and you will recieve a FREE burger on your birthday ($9 value.)

Are you hungry yet? One lucky reader will win a $25 Ruby Tuesday gift card. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: Prizes provided by Sky Zone Omaha. However, all opinions expressed are mine.

Are you looking for a way to burn off those calories from all the extra Halloween candy or need to wear out the kids after they eat their entire bucket of candy after trick-or-treating? Check out Sky Zone Omaha where you can literally bounce off the walls and burn tons of calories.

Sky Zone Omaha, located at 4215 S 133rd St, offers Open Jump, Birthday Parties, Skyrobics, Ultimate Dodgeball, Sky Slam and more. Since my family and I visited Sky Zone and reviewed their awesome facility, they have added Toddler Time for the young jumpers! Toddler Time is for walking kids up to age 5 every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to noon. Cost for Toddler Time is only $8/child and parents are free!

Ready to slip on some special Sky Zone socks and try out Omaha’s new indoor trampoline park? Find pricing and details at Sky Zone Omaha’s website and enter this contest for a chance to win FREE jump passes for the entire family!

sky zone omaha

Two lucky readers will each win 4 – FREE 30 minute Open Jump passes for the Sky Zone Omaha location ($40 value.)

Note: You will have to purchase special Sky Zone socks and the passes can only be redeemed at the Omaha location.

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Note: All deals considered stock up prices after coupon and store savings will be highlighted in red. Here is a full list of stockpile prices.

P&G = Proctor & Gamble insert
SS = Smartsource insert
RP = RedPlum insert

omaha grocery deals


73% lean ground beef $2.79
Green peppers, 3 ct 20 oz pack $0.99
Little salad bar Italian or Caesar salad kit, 10 oz $0.99
Mushroom, 8 oz $0.99
Roma tomatoes, 20 oz $0.99
Yellow onions, 3 lb bag $0.99 or $0.33/lb
Zucchini, 3 ct pack $0.99
Carlini canola oil, 48 oz $2.39
Carlini extra virgin olive oil, 16.9 oz $2.99
Carlini vegetable oil, 48 oz $2.29
Chef’s cupboard bread crumbs, Italian or plain 15 oz $0.89
Chef’s cupboard onion soup mix, 2 oz $0.79
Happy Farms shredded mozzarella cheese, 16 oz $3.69
Happy Harvest tomato sauce, 8 oz $0.25
Happy Harvest crushed tomatoes, 28 oz $0.99
Priano ricotta cheese, 15 oz $1.89
Reggano lasagna noodles, 16 oz $1.49
Reggano pasta sauce, 24 oz $0.99
Reggano Farflle or tri-colored rotino, 12 oz or penne rigate, 16 oz $0.89
Specially Selected french baguette, 12 oz $1.49
Stonemill essentials crushed red pepper, 2.5 oz $0.99
Stonemill essentials garlic powder, 5.5 oz $0.99
Stonemill essentials Italian Seasoning, 1.35 oz $0.99
Tuscan Garden croutons, 5 oz $0.89
Tuscan Garden distilled white vinegar, 32 oz $0.89

Barlett pears $0.99/lb
Honeycrisp apples $1.48/lb
Green Giant boil in bag vegetables, 8-10 oz $1.25
Kelllogg’s pop tarts, 8 ct $1.99 ($1/3 coupon from 9/7/14 RP – expires 10/19, $0.75 with 500 points for $1.50 coupon with 1,000 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points = as low as $0.49)
Little Debbie snacks, Oatmeal creme pies, honey buns, cosmic brownies, nutty bars or swiss rolls, 10.6-16.2 oz, limit 6 $0.99
Mead box envelopes, 36-100 ct $0.99
Mott’s applesauce, 6 pack $2.00
Mr. Dells’ shredded hashbrowns, 24-32 oz $1.48
Nestle toll house morsels, 10-12 oz $2.19 ($1/2 coupon from 9/28/14 SS = $1.69 each)
Xtra laundry detergent, 144 oz $3.88
Our Family bath tissue, double rolls $4.99
Our Family canned vegetables, cut or french green beans, whole or cream corn, pesa, 14.5-15.25 oz $0.50
Our Family large eggs, dozen, limit 2 $0.98
Our Family laundry detergent, 100 oz $3.88
Our Family paper towels, 8 pack $3.99

***Bag’N Save & No Frills 4-Day Sale – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only***
Cheez It crackers, 9-13.7 oz $1.99
Crystal Farms shredded or chunk cheese, 7-8 oz $1.50
Cottonelle bath tissue, 12 double rolls $5.49 ($0.50 coupon from 9/14/14 RP = $4.99)
Our Family bacon, 16 oz $2.77
Viva paper towels, 6 pack select a size $5.49 ($0.60 coupon from 9/14/14 RP = $4.89)

Banquet frozen chicken 24-26.5 oz $2.99 ($2/2 chicken nuggets printable coupon = $1.99 each)
Boneless beef arm or chuck roast, Buy One, Get One Free
Heritage Farms chicken drumsticks or thighs $1.29/lb
Pork shoulder butt roast, bone-in, sold whole in bag $1.99/lb
Barlett pears $0.99/lb
Gala apples, 5 lb bag $3.99
Organic kale $0.99 bunch
Organic whole carrots, 2 lb bag $1.48
Red seedless grapes $1.49/lb
Butterfinger or skinny cow, .77-2.1 oz $0.50
Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers, 6.6-8 oz bag $1.25
Pillsbury toaster strudel or scrambles, 6 ct $1.67 ($1/2 Baker’s digital coupon, $0.50/2 coupon from 9/14/14 SS, $0.50/2 SavingStar credit = as low as $0.92 each after SavingStar credit)
Post cereal, 11-14.75 oz $1.99
Pumpkin pie, 8 inch $3.99
Purex laundry detergent, liquid, 75 oz $2.99
P$$t granulated sugar, 4 lb, limit 2 $0.99
Suave shampoo or conditioner, 12 oz $1.49 ($1 Professionals printable coupon or $1.50 Professionals coupon from 9/28/14 RP = as low as free IF Professionals line is included in sale)
Suave body wash 22.5 oz $1.49 ($0.50 coupon from All You Magazine Sept ’14 = $0.99)
Dillons milk, Vit D, 2%, 1% or skim, 1/2 gallon $1.33
Kroger apple juice, 64 oz $1.89
Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dip, 16 oz $1.50
Kroger evaporated milk, 12 oz can $1.00
Kroger orange juice, 1/2 gallon $1.33

***Baker’s Only Deal***
Buy 3 mix and match participating items, get Free Simple Truth cage eggs, brown or white, 12 ct FREE. Participating products include:
Kashi entrees & waffles, 9-10.1 oz $2.99
Kashi pizza, 5.2-5.6 oz $2.99
Kashi GoLean cereal, 13.1-14 oz $2.99 ($0.75 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $2.24)
Kashi snack bars, 6-12 ct $2.99 ($0.75 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $2.24)
Silk almond, soy or coconut milk, 1/2 gallon $2.99 ($1 printable coupon or here = $1.99)

Hormel sliced salami or pepperoni, 3 oz $1.67
Turkey breast, bone-in $1.99/lb
Bartlett pears $0.99/lb
Cucumbers $0.50 each
Dole Classic Romaine 9 oz, greener selection 12 oz sprinach 8 oz $1.50
Green Bell Peppers $0.50 each
Red radishes, 1 lb $0.99
Hershey, Nestle or M&M Mars fun size candy bars, 10.3-11.5 oz bag, limit 2 $1.88 ($1.10/2 printable coupon = $1.33 each)
Jif peanut butter, 16 oz $1.50
Land o Lakes spreadable butter, 8 oz $1.99 ($0.40 coupon from 8/10/14 SS = $1.59)
Pillsbury cake mix, 15.25 oz $1.25
Pillsbury frosting, 15.6-16 oz $1.58
Progresso soups, 18-19 oz can, limit 6 $0.88 ($1/4 printable coupon, here, here, here or here, $0.50/2 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $0.63 each)
Totino’s pizza rolls, 90 ct $6.99 ($0.75/2 coupon from 8/3/14 SS = $6.61 each)
Fareway fruit, 4 pack carton $0.89
Fareway shredded cheese, 8 oz $1.50

***Fareway 2-Day sale Friday and Saturday Only***
Fareway deli slices, 8 oz $1.99
Idaho Russet potatoes, 5 lb bag $0.99
Mrs Grimes Tex Mex spicy or original chili beasn, 15 oz can, limit 3 $0.33
Nabisco family size oreos or snack crackers $2.50
Toast’ems pop-ups, 6 ct $1.00
Whole T-bone loins, 20-22 lb average, limit 2 loins $5.99/lb

80% lean ground beef, 16 oz roll $2.98/lb
93% lean ground beef, 16 oz roll $4.99 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee whole chicken $0.99/lb
Apples, washington stemilk, red delicious, braeburn, granny smith, fuji, jonagold, royal gala $0.68/lb
Dole bananas $0.38/lb
Dole celery $0.99 each
Dole Caesar, 10 oz or Power up salad kit, 4.5 oz $2.50 ($0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Driscoll’s raspberries, 6 oz $1.99 ($0.50 printable coupon = $1.49)
Earthbound farms organic salad, 4-10 oz $3.00 ($0.05/gallon Fuel Saver)
Grape tomatoes, 1 pint $2.50 ($0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Green cabbage $0.59/lb ($0.02/lb/gallon Fuel Saver)
Grimmway Farms baby carrots, 16 oz $1.28 ($0.03/gallon Fuel Saver)
Armour lunch or breakfast makers, 2.3-3.3 oz $1.00 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Blue Bonnet spread sticks, original or low fat, 16 oz $0.88
Blue Bunny ice cream, 1.75 quart square $2.50 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Blue Diamond almond breeze, 64 oz $2.78 ($1 coupon from 8/17/14 SS – expires 10/17 = $1.78)
Chicken of the Sea tuna in water or oil, 5 oz $0.79
Chobani Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz $0.88 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Coke products, 6 pack 16.9 oz bottles $1.88
Dannon light & fit yogurt, 4 ct $1.67
Frito-Lay variety packs, 20 ct 18-20 oz $4.99
General Mills cereal, Cheerios 8.9 oz, Golden Grahams 12 oz, Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz or Trix 10.7 oz $1.48 ($0.02/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/3 printable coupon, $0.50 Cheerios, $0.75 Cocoa Puffs, here, here, here or here, $0.50 Cheerios SavingStar credit = as low as $0.48 for Cheerios after SavingStar credit)
Hot or Lean pockets, 2 or 4 ct $1.68 ($1/2 coupon from 8/17/14 RP = $1.18 each)
Kraft Cool Whip, 8 oz $0.99 (with in-ad coupon, $1 off Cool Whip & 2 Jell-O printable coupon)
Milford Valley entress, 5 oz $1.25 ($1/2 coupon from 8/24/14 SS = $0.75 each)
Tostito’s Cantina tortilla chips, 10 oz $1.88
Village Hearth whole grain white bread, 20 oz loaf $0.98 ($0.55 printable coupon = $0.43)
Hy-Vee apple sauce, 46-48 oz $2.00 ($0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee cake mix, 18.25-18.9 oz $0.99
Hy-Vee chili beans, 15 oz $0.38
Hy-Vee cooking spray, 5-6 oz $1.99 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee crescent, cinnamon or orange Danish rolls, 8-13.9 zo $1.67
Hy-Vee granola bars, 8.4 oz $2.00 ($0.02/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee Italian bread, 20 oz loaf $1.58 ($0.05/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee Italian express single-topping medium pizza, thin or traditional crust, 12 inch $5.00 ($0.10/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee Italian gourmet flatbread pizza $5.99 ($0.10/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee macaroni & cheese dinner, original 7.25 oz, limit 4 $0.25
Hy-Vee mushrooms, original or no salt, 4 oz $0.77
Hy-Vee pasta, 12-16 oz $0.77
Hy-Vee pop, 2 liter bottle $0.59
Hy-Vee seasoning, gravy or dip mix, .75-1.4 oz $0.50 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee snack mix, cheese snacks or party mix, 8-12 oz $1.50
Hy-Vee soft margarine, 16 oz $1.18 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee tortilla chips, 10-13.6 oz $0.99
Midwest Country Fare ice cream, 4 quart pail, limit 2 $2.99
Midwest Country Fare vegetables, frozen, 16 oz $1.00

*25% off all Bulk Foods*
Boneless Angus beef chuck roast $3.97/lb
Pilgrim chicken drumstick or thighs $1.18/lb
Baby carrots, 1 lb package $0.77
Best Choice Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag $1.96
Fresh Express salad mix, baby spinach, veggie spring, shredded broccoli & cauliflower or sweet and cruncy, 5-7 oz $2.00
American Beauty pasta, 16 oz $0.85
Coca-Cola products, 24 pack cans $5.98
Jolly Time popcorn, 3 ct $0.98 ($0.75/2 coupon from 9/28/14 SS = $0.60 each)
Knorr pasta or rice sides, 4-5.7 oz $0.88
Lay’s or Kettle Cooked potato chips, 9.5-10 oz $1.78
Prego pasta sauce, 14.5-24 oz, limit 4 $0.98 ($0.40/2 coupon from 9/7/14 SS = $0.78 each)
Tony’s pizzeria style or single serve pizza, 8-15.76 oz $1.67 ($0.75/2 printable coupon = $1.29 each)
Best Choice bath tissue, 6 rolls $2.35
Best Choice paper towels, 1 roll $0.64
Best Choice pumpkin, 15 oz can $0.75
Super Saver split top bread, white or wheat, 24 oz $1.18

***Super Saver Only Deal***
Buy One, Get One Free select Kraft, Velveeta, Oscar Mayer & Planters products (Note: no price listed in ad)