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NO Omaha Grocery Deals This Week!

I am taking a blogging break this week to spend time with family, so there will not be an Omaha Grocery deal list and match up this week. I will be back next week with the popular Omaha Grocery deal list.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July this weekend!

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My family took dad to Schlitterbahn in Kansas City for Father’s day and we had a blast. There were plenty of activities for all my kids, ages 4, 6 and 9 and we spent the entire day (8 hours) at the park and are looking forward to returning. We could have stayed until close, but since we were driving back to Omaha that day, we left in time to be home before 10pm.

We had so much fun, I decided to list out all the reasons we loved our visit to Schlitterbahn!

1. Six fun water slides - Kids 42″ or taller can ride these unaccompanied!

Schlitterbahn Slides

2. World’s tallest water slide – The seventh water slide at Schlitterbahn is The Verrrukt. This is a massive waterslide over 168 feet high for riders 52″ and taller. The Verrukt ride is not for the faint of heart and there are a LOT of stairs to get to the top. Make sure to reserve your group’s time to ride the Verrukt as soon as you get to the park. This is a very popular ride with limited runs.


3. Kinder Haven & Pirate ships – Little kids can enjoy pools designed just for them with fun structures to play on and toddler sized water slides. Plus, there are lounge chairs right next to the water, so mom or dad can chill out while they watch the kids splash. I was impressed that they did have lifeguards stationed at both kid’s area for an extra safety precaution.

Kinder Haven

4. Lifejackets are free - It is evident that safety is a priority at Schlitterbahn. Not only are their lifeguards everywhere, there are free lifejackets for your kids to use while in the park. Just grab one at any of their lifejacket stations and keep your beginner and non-swimmer kids safe during your visit.


5. Bring your own food & drink – Bring your own cooler, except alcohol and glass bottles, and save a ton of money on refreshments. I love that I can pack my cooler with water and lunch and not worry about bringing a ton of extra money to feed the family. The do have refreshments for purchase if your kids eat more than you planned. Tip – Freeze 1/2 the water bottles you pack to use as ice packs and then have extra cold drinks towards the end of the day!

6. Souvenir program – Pay once for a souvenir Icee, soda or popcorn container and refill for free throughout the day!

7. The Lazy River – The Lazy River, featuring a Raging River, Torrent River, Kristal River and a slide, was my favorite part of the park! Just grab a tube and ride. Plus, you don’t even have to get out or walk any stairs for the slide. They have a conveyer belt that pulls you and the tube up to the top! Now, that’s truly lazy. I love it!

Schlitterbahn Raging River

8. Rafts are free – They have an abundance of rafts to enjoy FREE of charge while in the park. They have single rafts, double, or even rafts for little kids. In some rafts, the rider portion has a seat instead of a hole. So, the kid (up to 50 lbs) can actually sit in the raft with a parent and not worry about falling through the hole. I have never seen this kind of double raft before but it was a lifesaver for me and my tired 4 year old. While the big kids and dad were still going down all the slides, my little one and I got lazy in the raft and rode.


9. Swim up Bar for adults only – Schlitterbahn is not just for kids! Enjoy a roped off swim up bar area, just for adults 21+, and order a cocktail or two.


10. Special Events – Watch their calendar for special events. On Father’s Day, a local Hispanic radio station was hosting events and playing music all day. My husband and daughter entered a father/daughter hot dog eating contest and they WON! The prize was 4 free tickets to Schlitterbahn, 2 Happy Meals and a play tent. They also hosted a volleyball game with prizes.

SchlitterBahn Winners

11. Boogie Board – You can boogie board at Schlitterbahn. My husband and kids tried and said it’s much harder than it looks.

Boogie Bahn

12. Load cash onto your wristband - No need to carry a wad of wet cash anymore! Simply load your wristband with money in increments of $5 when you get tickets. You can even add cash to your kid’s or teen’s bands for refreshments. If you don’t use all the money, just stop by customer service on the way out and they will refund the money.

13. Zipline - This is the only activity that has an extra fee. $10 for one rider or $15 for two and get propelled way up in the sky and then zipline back down.


14. Free Parking – Another perk is that you don’t have to worry about paying extra for parking. This is free every day and the lot is huge.

15. Consider a season pass – After you visit, if you decide to get a season pass, they will apply that day’s admission charges toward the purchase of your season pass!

SchlitterBahn Season Pass

Are you excited to visited Schlitterbahn now? One lucky winner will receive two tickets to visit a Schlitterbahn park of their choice during the 2015 season! Enter using Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends July 1, 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Holy heat! Someone turned up the mugginess meter! You can tell that July is almost here. That means about 1/3 of the summer is already over. Boo! Hiss! But Independence Day is right around the corner and that’s a great reason to celebrate – and to grill out.

Here’s a monthly menu plan for the July! Bon appetite!


What if I don’t cook every night?
Awesome! I don’t either – we often have leftovers 2-3 night/week. Just take this basic plan, cut out some meals and make leftovers part of your plan!

What if I don’t want a particular meal on a specific night?
Awesome! Just take this basic plan and swap meals around.

What if I want to see the Excel version?
Awesome! You can download it here.

What if I don’t eat beef? Or chicken? Or pork?
Awesome! Just take this basic plan, remove the foods you won’t eat and put in foods you will eat.

What if I don’t know how to make that meal?
Awesome! Included are the links for the recipe that I usually use.

What if we always have pizza on Friday nights?
Awesome! (Can I come over?) Just remove my Friday meals and put in pizza.

What if I want to plan for more than just dinner?
Awesome! Feel free to print this out, write out breakfast & lunch meals. Or you can edit it in Excel and make it your own!

What if I don’t like your recipe?
Awesome! Use which ever recipe you normally use and just use this basic plan as a suggestion.

What if I have my own monthly menu plan?
Awesome! Care to share it? Share it down below in the comments so that we all can see it and be inspired!

What’s cool about this menu plan?
I tried to have a variety of meals each week – some beef, some chicken, and some pastas. That way you won’t get too bored. Since it’s summer, I didn’t include any soup recipes, but did try to focus on lots of slow cooker recipes! But there are also plenty of ways to save time when using this menu plan. Examples: When prepping chicken at the beginning of the month, make enough for the other recipes and freeze it for future use. When making ground beef, brown 2-3 times the normal amount and freeze that. It makes it super quick to pull meals together!

Recipes in this menu plan:
Fiesta Chicken
Baked Potato Buffet
Meatball Subs
Sweet Asian Chicken
Italian Baked Hoagies
Taco Salad
Smoked Sausage & Potato Hash
Easy Skillet Nachos
Slow Cooker Ham
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Bean & Cheese Enchiladas
Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole
Sausage Lasagna Rolls
Oven Fried Chicken
Chicken Alfredo Bake
BBQ Ribs
Grilled Sausage & Veggie Packets
Chicken Stir Fry
Pepperoni Roll
Crock Pot Smothered Pork Chops
Pork Tenderloin
Slow Cooker Creamy Spaghetti
Crockpot Stuffed Peppers
Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches
Sweet Garlic Chicken

Jayme is a wife to 1 and a mother to three little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.


Another breakfast recipe for you! This one is one of the easiest as it has only 2 ingredients. 2! It’s a banana muffin made with a cake mix.

Now…is this the absolute besting tasty banana muffin you’ve ever had? Nah. But it’s easy. And it’s still tasty even if it isn’t just like Grandma used to make. And a fabulous use for bananas-on-the-verge-of-going-bad! I seem to have a lot of those at my house.

They also can be frozen and eaten at a later time.


Banana Cake Mix Muffins
3-5 bananas, depending on size
1 yellow cake mix

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mash up bananas in a mixing bowl.
3. Add cake mix. Mix.
4. Spoon into muffin tins.
5. Bake 15-18 minutes.
6. Eat!

Jayme is a wife to 1 and a mother to three little boys. She coupons, but isn’t super extreme about it. She price matches and loves it! While she likes to cook, she’s in the stage of life where simple is usually better! She never knows how many hands she’ll have free at dinner time! You can find her at No Regrets Living.

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One more fabulous deal – get 100 FREE 4×6 prints! Use promo code 100FREEPRINTS at checkout through 6/30/15.

Note – You still pay applicable shipping and taxes and these offers cannot be combined on the same order.

Shutterfly Evergreen 300x600

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Omaha Grocery Deals 6/24/15 – 6/30/15

Note: All deals considered stock up prices after coupon and store savings will be highlighted in red. Here is a full list of stockpile prices.

NEW to Couponing: Check out my book ‘The Extraordinary Art of Couponing’ or attend a class.

P&G = Proctor & Gamble insert
SS = Smartsource insert
RP = RedPlum insert

omaha grocery deals

73% lean ground beef 5 lb $13.99
Chicken thighs family pack $0.89/lb
Kirkwood chicken breasts 48 oz $6.69
Cantaloupe large $0.99 each
Strawberries 16 oz $1.29
Sweet Corn 4-ct package $0.99
Seeded watermelon $3.99
Seedless watermelon $2.99
Baker’s corner giant marshmallows 24 oz $1.99
Baker’s corner maraschino cherries 10 oz $1.59
Benton’s honey graham crackers 14.4 oz $1.39
Benton’s ice cream cups 3.5 oz $1.19
Burman’s BBQ sauce 18 oz $0.99
Burman’s deli mustard 12 oz $0.79
Burman’s olive oil mayonnaise or fit & active light mayonnaise 30 oz $1.89
Burman’s steak sauce 10 oz $0.95
Burman’s yellow mustard 20 oz $0.69
Choceur milk chocolate bar 5.29 oz $1.69
Great Gherkins kosher dill sandwich slices 16 oz $1.29
Happy Farms swiss cheese singles 12 oz $1.79
L’oven Fresh 100% whole wheat hamburger or hot dog buns 13-15 oz $1.29
Nature’s Nectar lemonade or pink lemonade 12 oz $0.99
Tuscan Garden marinade 12 oz $0.99

93% lean ground beef $3.99/lb
Catfish nuggets $2.99/lb
Eckrich smoked polish or turkey smoked sausage 13 zo $2.49
John Morrel pork roll sausage 12 oz $1.50
John Morrel smoked or polish sausage 7 oz $1.00
Sanderson Farms boneless, skinless chicken breast $1.99/lb
Seafood Sensations cooked shrimp 16 oz, 31-40 ct $7.99
Dark, sweet cherries $1.97/lb
Organic whole carrots 2 lb $1.99
Red, green or black seedless grapes $1.28/lb
Angel Soft bath tissue 12 double rolls $4.99 ($0.55 printable coupon = $4.44)
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent 150 oz $6.99 ($0.50 printable coupon or from 6/21/15 SS = $6.49)
Armour lunchmakers 2.6-3 oz $1.00
Beechnut baby food 4 oz $0.50
Chobani yogurt or Dannon greek or creamery 6.3 oz $0.88
Crystal sugar 4 lb $1.97
Hormel Rev’s 2.6-2.7 oz $1.49 ($1/2 coupon from 5/3/15 SS – expires 6/28 = $0.99 each)
Kool-Aid bursts 6 pack $1.00
Pepsi bottles 6 pack 1/2 liter $2.00
Pillsbury bold cake mix 8.25 oz pouches $1.00
Sparkle paper towels 6-8 rolls $4.99 ($1 printable coupon = $3.99)
Starkist chunk light tuna 5 oz $0.77
Village Hearth light Italian bread 20 oz $1.49 ($0.55 printable coupon = $0.94)
Our Family applesauce cup 6 pack $1.57
Our Family cake mix 16.5-18.25 oz $1.00
Our Family drink enhancer 1.62 oz $2.00
Our Family drink mix 12 quart mix or stix 10 ct $2.00
Our Family facial tissues 110 ct $1.00
Our Family half & half 16 oz $1.00
Our Family gelatin 5.1-6 oz $0.88
Our Family mandarin oranges 15 oz or pineapple 20 oz $1.00
Our Family marshmallows 10-10.5 oz $1.00
Our Family microwave popcorn 6 ct $2.00
Our Family pie shells 6 oz $1.25
Our Family recloesable quart or gallon storage bags 30-50 ct $2.00
Our Family relish 9-10 oz $1.00
Our Family salad dressing 16 oz $1.57
Our Family quart or gallon storage bags 30-50 ct $2.00
Our Family soft drinks 2 liter bottles $0.88
Our Family snap & seal sandwich bags 50-150 ct $1.00
Our Family toaster pastries 8 ct $1.50

***Bag’N Save & No Frills Mix & Match Sale***
Buy 4 participating items, save $4 instantly at checkout. Participating deals include (Note – price listed is after discount):

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint $2.49
Breyers ice cream 48 oz $2.49
Country Crock spread 45 oz $2.49 ($0.70 coupon from 6/21/15 RP = $1.79)
Hellman’s mayonnaise 20-30 oz $1.99 ($1 coupon for 30 oz from 6/21/15 RP = as low as $0.99)
Klondike bars 6ct, Magnum bars 3ct, Fruttare bars 4-6 ct, Reese’s ice cream cups 6 ct $2.49
Lipton tea bags 40-100 ct $2.99 ($0.40 coupon from 6/12/15 RP = $2.59)

***Bag’N Save & No Frills 4-Day Sale, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only***
7UP or Dr pepper products 2 liter bottle $0.77
Chicken leg quarters, sold in 10 lb bag $0.49
Little Debbie snack cakes $1.25

73% ground beef, sold in 5 lb rolls $2.79/lb
Boneless pork sirloin roast, sold whole in bag $1.69
Kroger boneless skinless chicken breasts, frozen 3 lb bag $6.99
USDA Choice boneless chuck roast $3.49/lb
USDA Choice boneless top sirloin $5.99/lb
Iceberg, red, green or romaine lettuce $0.99 each
Organic kale $0.99/bunch
Pineapple whole $0.99 each
Yellow peaches or nectarines $0.99/lb
Cheetos or Fritos 7-9.75 oz $2.00
Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7UP 2 liter bottles $1 each when you buy 5
Herdez salsa 16 oz $1.67 ($0.55 printable coupon or Baker’s digital coupon = $1.12)
Kingsford original charcoal 15.4 lb bag, limit 4 $4.99
McCormick grill mates seasoning 2.5-3.5 oz $1.00
Popsicle frozen treats 8 ct $1.00
Red Baron classic pizza 14.76-23.45 oz or singles 2 ct $2.88 ($1/2 singles printable coupon = as low as $2.38 each)
Rosarita refried beans 15-16 oz $1.00 ($0.55/3 Baker’s digital coupon = $0.82 each)
Rotel diced tomatoes 10 oz $1.00
Simple Truth organic beans 15 oz can $1.00
Turkey Hill tea, 1/2 gallon $1.00
Dillons milk, Vit D, 2%, 1% or skim, 1/2 gallon $1.00
Kroger party pail ice cream 128 oz $4.49
Kroger sour cream, cottage cheese or dip 16 oz $1.00

***Baker’s Mix & Match sale***
Buy 6 participating items, save $3 instantly at checkout. Participating advertised deals include (note – price listed is after discount):

American Beauty pasta 12-16 oz $0.89 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Belvita breakfast biscuits 8.8 oz $1.99
Breyer’s ice cream or dairy desert 48 oz $2.49
Cascadian Farms organic cereal 8.6-16 oz or bars 5-8 ct $2.49
Cheez-it or Keebler town house crackers 9-13.8 oz $2.49 ($1 coupon with 850 Kellogg’s family rewards points = $1.49)
Chips Ahoy cookies 9.5-14 oz $1.99 ($0.75/2 coupon from 5/17/15 SS – expires 5/27 = $1.61 each)
Coffee-mate coffee creamer 32 oz or coffee mate 2 go 3 oz $2.69 ($0.50 creamer printable coupon = as low as $2.19)
Coca-Cola 6 pack 16.9 oz bottles or 8 pack 7.5 oz can $1.99
Dial body wash 16-18 oz $2.99 (Buy 2, get one free from 6/14/15 RP or $4.49/3 Baker’s digital coupon = as low as $1.49 each plus $1.00 Dial for men Ibotta rebate)
General Mills cereal 8.9-13 oz $1.49 ($0.50 Lucky Charms printable, $1/2 Cheerios Baker’s digital coupon, $0.50 Cheerios coupon from 6/7/15 SS, here or here = as low as $0.99 $0.50 Lucky Charms SavingStar rebate, $1/2 Cheerios SavingStar rebate)
Hefty slider bags 10-20 ct $0.99 ($1/2 12 ct+ printable coupon, here, here or here or $1/2 12 ct+ coupon from 5/3/15 RP = as low as $0.49 each)
Hormel black label bacon or natural choice 12-16 oz $3.49 ($1 printable coupon = $2.49 plus $0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Hot or Lean pockets 2 ct $1.49
Klondike frozen treats 4-6 ct $2.49
Kool-Aid drink mix, makes 6-8 quarts $0.99
Kroger water 24 pack 16.9 oz bottles $2.49
Minute Maid fruit punch or lemonade 59 oz $0.99 ($0.50 coupon from 6/14/15 RP = $0.49)
Ore-ida potatoes frozen 19-32 oz $2.49 ($5 SavingStar rebate when you spend $25)
Oscar Mayer natural lunch meat 7-8 oz $3.49 ($0.75 printable coupon, Baker’s digital coupon or from 6/7/15 SS = as low as $2.74)
Puffs facial tissue 56-180 ct $0.99 ($0.25 printable coupon = $0.74)
Purex laundry detergent liquid 75 oz or fabric softener 52 use $2.99
Speed Stick deodorant or lady speed stick 2.3-3 oz $1.49 ($0.50 coupon from 6/14/15 SS = $0.99)
State Fair corn dogs 32-42.7 oz $6.49
Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce 18 oz or buffalo wing sauce 16 oz $0.99
Tyson Any’tizers 22-28.05 oz $6.49 ($1 coupon from 5/17/15 SS = $5.49)

Boneless pork shoulder roast $1.99/lb
Chicken livers or gizzards $0.99/lb
Fareway ground turkey 16 oz $1.99
Fareway’s fresh ground Italian sausage, breakfast sausage or ground pork, limit 20 lbs $1.99/lb (with in-ad coupon)
John Morrel hot dogs, regular, jumbo, bun length 12 oz $0.98
USDA Choice boneless rump roast, limit 10 lb $2.99/lb
USDA Choice T-Bone steak $7.99/lb
Baby Bella mushrooms, whole or sliced 8 oz $1.50
Blueberries pint $0.99
Eggplant $0.99 each
Green Giant russet potatoes 10 lb bag $1.99
Honey dew melons $1.99 each
Mangoes $0.50 each ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Sweet pink lady apples $0.88/lb
Tomatoes $0.99/lb ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Yellow onions 3 lb bag $1.99
Country Time 8 quart $2.48
Crystal Light 8 quart or 10 ct on-the-go $2.48
Daisy sour cream 16 oz $1.88
Doritos 9.5-11 oz $1.99
Frito Lay kettle chips 7-8 oz or Cantinas 9-12 oz $2.00
Gatorade 32 oz $0.88
KC masterpiece beans 28 oz can $1.50
Kool Aid jammers 10 pack $1.88
Kool Aid 8 quart $2.48
Kraft American singles 12 oz original only $2.00
Kraft miracle whip 30 oz, limit 1 $1.99
Kraft shredded cheese 7-8 oz $1.67 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Kraft string-ums 9-10 oz $3.69
Nabisco snack crackers 7-9.1 oz $1.99 ($0.75/2 coupon from 5/17/15 SS – expires 6/27= $1.61 each)
Pepsi products 2 liter bottles $1.00
Reser’s salads, 2.75-3 lb, excludes premium salads $3.99
Ritz crackers 9-15 oz $1.99
Simply hashbrowns 20 oz $2.00
Fareway all purpose flour 5 lb $1.69
Fareway baking chips or almond bard 10-20 oz, regular or light $1.99
Fareway ice cream squares, limit 2, 2/$3.00 (with in-ad coupon)
Fareway ketchup 32 or 38 oz $0.98
Fareway pork & beans 16 oz Can $0.33
Fareway potato chips 8 oz $1.25
Fareway stir fry or veggie combos 9-10 oz $1.25  ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)

Frick’s bone-in ham portion $1.49/lb
Hy-Vee bratwurst, Italian sausage or bratwurst patties 3.75 oz $1.00 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee fresh chicken leg quarters, sold in 10 lb bags $0.59/lb
Bunny-Luv organic whole carrots 16 oz $0.99
Green onions bunch $0.50
Kandy cantaloupe $1.50
Large green peppers $0.67
Stemilt red cherries $1.97/lb
Betty Crocker brownie mix 18.3-20.5 oz $0.99
California pizza kitchen pizza 13.4-34.2 oz $4.99
DiGiorno pizza 13.4-34.2 oz $4.99 ($1 pizzeria coupon from 5/17/15 SS = $3.99)
Doritos, family size Ruffles or Rold Gold 8.25-16 oz $1.99
Hot Tamales or Mike and Ike 3.6 or 5 oz $1.00 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies 6.6-15 oz $1.67 ($1 coupon with 850 Kellogg’s family rewards points = $0.67)
Land O’Lakes sour cream or dip 16 oz $1.59 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Michelina’s entrees 4-9.5 oz $0.97 ($1/5 printable coupon = $0.77)
Pepsi 12 pack 12 oz $2.96
Renuzit air freshener 7 or 7.5 oz $1.00 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Smucker’s ice cream topping 11.5-20 oz $2.49 ($0.55 printable coupon or $1/2 from 5/17/15 RP = as low as $1.94)
Tippy Toes baby food 4 oz $0.50
Tippy Toes diapers super club pack 68-112 ct $15.98
Tippy Toes baby wipes 360 ct $3.98
Tradewinds tea gallon $2.50 ($0.05/gallon Fuel Saver)
Western or Wish-Bone salad dressing 16 oz $1.88 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver, $1/2 Wishbone printable coupon = as low as $1.38 each)
Hy-Vee almondmilk or HealthMarket organic soymilk 64 oz $2.48
Hy-Vee flour tortillas 10 ct 10 oz $1.00
Hy-Vee fruit snacks 4.8 oz $1.25 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee Greek yogurt 5.3 oz $0.90 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver plus $0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Hy-Vee macaroni & cheese original 7.25 oz $0.50
Hy-Vee orange juice 64 oz $1.28 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Hy-Vee patriotic tortilla chips 13 oz or potato chips original or ripple 10 oz $0.99
Hy-Vee pretzel thins 7.25 oz $1.49
Hy-Vee purified drinking water 24 ct – 16.9 oz, limit 3 $1.99
Hy-Vee steam quick vegetables or vegetable varieties 10-16 oz $0.98 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Hy-Vee toaster pastries 8 ct 14.7 oz $1.67 ($0.01/gallon Fuel Saver)
Hy-Vee whipped topping 8 oz $0.97
Hy-Vee white bread 20 oz $0.77 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Hy-Vee yogurt 32 oz or yogurt to go 8 ct $2.39 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)

**Hy-Vee 2-Day Sale, Thursday & Friday***
Bounty Basic paper towels 6 big rolls or 8 regular rolls $4.99 ($0.25 printable coupon, $0.25 or $1/2 coupon from 5/31/15 P&G = as low as $4.49 each)
Charmin Basic bathroom tissue 12 double rolls $4.99 ($0.50 printable coupon or $0.25 coupon from 5/31/15 P&G = as low as $4.49)
Coke 6 pack 16.9 oz bottles $1.88
Frito-Lay variety pack 20 ct 16.88-21 oz $4.99
Hunt’s tomato ketchup 24 oz $0.68
Hy-Vee pop 2 liter bottle $0.49
Kraft Macaroni & cheese original 7.25 oz, limit 5, 5/$3.00 with in-ad coupon
Midwest Country Fare cottage cheese 1% or 4%, 24 oz $1.48
M&M’s or Mars candy bars 1.08-1.92 oz $0.50 (Buy one, get one free Snickers coupon – after short quiz = as low as $0.25 each)
Mr Dell’s hash browns 24-32 oz $1.88
Peter Pan peanut butter 13 – 16.3 oz $1.48
Powerade 32 oz $0.58

***Hy-Vee 4-Day Sale, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday***
Note – All deals require use of in-ad coupon
Earn $0.20/gallon Fuel Saver when you spend $40 or more on groceries
Banquet pot pies, 7 oz, limit 3, 3/$1.00
Oroweat bread 100% whole wheat or healthnut 24 oz, limit 2 $2.50 ($0.20 Ibotta rebate)
Starkist chunk light tuna, water pack 5 oz, limit 2 $0.49

Austin Gold tilapia fillets 2 lb bag $6.48
Boneless Angus beef top sirloin steak $4.77/lb
Boneless Angus beef brisket sold whole in bag $3.88/lb
Farmland bone-in pork steak $1.97/lb
Farmland whole pork butt, sold whole in bag $1.77/lb
Oscar mayer bologna or cotto salami 14-16 oz $0.98
Pilgrim chicken thighs or drumsticks, value pack $0.97/lb
Broccoli bunch $1.48
Dole bananas $0.36/lb
Banquet dinners, 8.3-15.5 oz $0.80
Blue Bunny bomb pops $1.50 each when you buy 2 ($3/3 coupon from 5/10/15 SS = as low as $0.50 each)
Coca-cola 24 pack cans, limit 2 $5.48
Crystal Farms shredded or chunk cheese 6-8 oz $1.50 ($0.55/2 coupon from 5/10/15 SS = $1.23 each)
Eggo waffles 8.7-12.3 oz $1.68 ($1 coupon with 850 Kellogg’s family rewards points = $0.68)
Hiland cottage cheese 24 oz $1.58 ($0.50 coupon from 5/31/15 SS = $1.08)
Lay’s or Kettle cooked chips 7-10.5 oz $1.76
Mello Yello, Fanta, Barq’s, Seagrams, Mr Pibb, Fuze, Minute Maid or Dr Pepper cherry 2 liter bottle $0.87
Pillsbury cake mix 15.25 oz $0.98
Van Camp’s pork and beans 15 oz can $0.33
Best Choice bath tissue, 24 rolls or 12 double rolls $3.68
Super Saver milk, Vit D, 2% or 1% gallon, limit 2 $1.98